Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend and Meal Plan Monday

This weekend, we went to see Hall was HILARIOUS!! Finally a movie to watch that the trailers and commercials didn't give away all the funny moments. We really enjoyed it!

The rest of the weekend was spent doing the typical, cleaning, etc...we also took some pictures of some property for a company in TX that will pay us $100/location to take 15 pictures and write a brief bio on the subject. We did 3 this weekend, so we will see how long it takes for the check to come! If it does come, this could be a good little hustle.

Sunday-Pioneer Woman's chicken spaghetti...readapted to use turkey, no green peppers and cream of chicken soup not cream of was yummy!

Monday-beef tenderloin and twice baked potatoes

Tuesday-pork chops, mac & cheese and salad

Wednesday-hamburger helper

Thursday-chicken picatta

Friday-lasagna and garlic bread

Have a great week everyone!! I'm hoping for a less stressful week at work, because lately it has just been too much for me...I'm on the 7-4 shift this week so I look forward to catching a few episodes of Oprah too! ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Monday-BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, baked beans
Tuesday-tuna and white beans (Williams and Sonoma Recipe)
Wednesday-In-laws Anniversary dinner at Doc's
Thursday-steak tacos
Friday-shepherd's pie
Saturday-Perry Cabin with our gift card from Christmas
Sunday-Roast chicken, mashed potatos, broccoli

Have a great week! We celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday night...I cooked beef tenderloin and lobster tails-they were delicious! xoxo

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Breakfasts-mini bagels with cream cheese, toast, poptarts, and Todd's occasional trip to Wawa

Lunches-packed everyday this week but Wednesday--most sandwiches and leftovers


Monday-chicken noodle soup
Tuesday-Spaghetti and meat sauce
Wednesday-BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, baked beans
Thursday-chicken cordon blue, rice and salad
Friday-Chicken pesto pasta or chicken picatta with egg noodles
Saturday-date night

Have a great week!