Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yummy dinner and meal plan

Thanks to Jo, this is what was for dinner tonight. We changed a few things up and had 2 scallops each and added some shrimp. It was delicious!!

Seared Scallops Pasta

4 oz Pasta of choice

sea scallops {You could use shrimp}
3 Tbsp crumbled Gorgonzola cheese
6 cups baby spinach roughly chopped
1 med {or 2 small} tomatoes chopped
2Tbsp pesto
Cook pasta according to directions
Pan sear scallops in olive oil while pasta is cooking
Drain pasta and quickly add the spinach so it will wilt from the heat.
Add the pesto and mix until the pasta is coated.
Add the tomatoes and cheese. Toss lightly.


This's what we are eating

MONDAY-Spaghetti with meat sauce
TUESDAY-hubby on your own--I'm going to Lemongrass with Deb
THURSDAY-Shepherd's Pie
FRIDAY-Johnny's for burgers and wings

Have a great week!! We got another 6 inches of snow this weekend...and I have a busy week at work. We are being audited on Monday and that's always a little stressful, and this will be our new boss's first one solo......god I hope it goes well.

Monster Trucks


Viper and BigFoot Bad Boy

Saturday night, we went with some friends (even in the SNOW) to Monster Trucks in Salisbury. We had VIP tickets and were able to go down onto the mud/dirt and look at the trucks and get autographs. It was a fun night....totally outside my box!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Boat Show, meal plan and waiting for some news...

This weekend, hubby and I went to the Baltimore Boat Show. A few months ago, we sold the Shamrock. They say that selling and buying a boat are two of the happiest days of your life...well, I'm here to say that selling the boat was a sad, sad day...I mean come on, we don't have a replacement and it's sad to think that we will be without a boat for the summer. Now, we are doing some wonderful things with that money, like putting some towards the adoption of our baby that helps turn that into a happy day, I think! ; )

This week we will be eating...

Monday: Hamburger Helper (cheeseburger macaroni)
Tuesday: stuffed chicken breasts (mozz, tomato and basil) with rice
Wednesday: Book Club---no where near prepared to discuss this one--on your own
Thursday: Spaghetti with meat sauce
Friday: BLTs with tater tots
Saturday: Monster Trucks in Salisbury...on the road food
Sunday: Roast pork, mashed potatoes, broccoli

What an easy week....I am home sick today with a sore throat and nothing sounds better than easy. : ) Plus so far, I have only spent $11.26 at the grocery store!! YAHOO!!

On a more serious note....I have been following this blog and today is their GOTCHA day! I can't help but break down in tears when I read their posts...I can't wait until we get to experience our own Gotcha Day with our little girl.

And, please send some good thoughts to my Best Friend. She lives out of state with her hubby and they have been trying for years to get pregnant and have a baby. We just text and she's had bood drawn today to find out the results...this is their 2nd IVF attempt, and we are keeping it all crossed for a POSITIVE result!! We won't know anything until this afternoon.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

weekend and menu

What a great lazy weekend! Friday I had off for my eye appointment...and I am happy to report that I still see 20/15 4 years POST Lasik! Dr Dyer rocks! Friday night, we stayed was relaxing. We did venture out to Redbox and rented The Hangover. We've seen it before...but it was still hilarious!

Saturday, I went to the grocery store. Happy to say I kept the week at $50...but also went back and picked up some great deals on meat. It sounds weird, but just too good to pass up. I got a whole pork loin package (12 lbs of pork) for $0.99/pound. It was a fabulous deal. This broke up to 8 meals...1 roast, and the others were pork chops (center cut and bone in). I also grabbed Acme's 4/$19.99 deal...I got 2 lbs of ground beef, 8 chicken breasts and 1 whole chicken to roast. There were also some deals on Pop Tarts, cereal, and Ravioli and Beefaroni...oh and buy 1 get 2 free bottles of Dynamo landry detergent. I spent $54 on that transaction, but saved OVER $ was awesome!

That night, we decided to go out and have a few drinks and we even ventured to a bar to watch the Ravens vs Colts game...sadly the Ravens lost (okay, I live in MD). We headed home and snuggled up and were able to sleep in until 9:30 this was heaven. I haven't taken off the pjs today...wellm I did shower and put new pjs was great! I did one load of laundry, but other than that....nothing else. I caught up on Alias via Netflix and did some internet surfing. We had chili for dinner and it was delicious!!

Here's our menu for the week--hope you all have a great week and enjoy your Monday off if you are lucky enough to work for a bank, school or government office....I don't : (

  • Monday: Shrimp Gumbo
  • Tuesday: Mason's bar--tuna special
  • Wednesday: Cheeseburgers and tatertots
  • Thursday: BLTs with fries
  • Friday: filet mignon, twice baked potatoes, green beans
  • Saturday: Roast Pork, roast potatoes, broccoli
  • Sunday: grilled tuna and pasta salad

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Excited!!

My weekend is officially here!! It's a tough and trying time at work, so to have a 3 day weekend brings music to my ears!! Now I am getting my hair cut at 9am and an annual eye appointment after that...but it's way better than work, that's for sure! I had Lasik about 4 years ago, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I have worn glasses and/or contacts since I was 4 years old...yes, my first pair of glasses had little strawberries on them because I was totally obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake. So, I go back annually for an eye exam and I secretly love trying to read the smallest line possible...hey, anything is better than just barely making out the big E like I used to! HA HA

Have a great weekend tonights dilema...Real Housewives of Orange County, Jersey Shore or Grays/Private Practice....yes, I am obsessed with trashy TV, so what's a girl to do?! LOL

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Lisa is hosting Black and White Wednesday! This is hands down my favorite Black and White Picture from our wedding day....I am by no means a photographer, so my posts (when I keep up) will be just my favorite back and white images that I have....hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Movie, Painting and Meal Plan

Friday night, hubby and I went to see Up in the Air with George Clooney (my boyfriend, sorry Sara!!) It was really a great movie, and I would recommend seeing it!!

Saturday, we went to look at a couple of re-hab properties we may be interested in buying to flip or keep as rentals. That's what we do on the side from both of our 9-5 jobs. Sometimes it's good, sometimes not...but we are still holding on tight with the market and have one under contract as of this weekend, that we flipped back in September, YAY! Then, we had a realtor appreciation party to attend Saturday night. It was a nice evening with good food, wine, beer and company.

Today, we didn't do much of anything. Hubby made me some pancakes for breakfast. He makes the best! I started to clean the bathroom....our master bath shower has those awful glass doors...and well, they were LONG overdue for a clean so I jumped in! Then, I got some leftover paint from the living room (just's actually SW Nomadic Desert) and got to painting. One coat did the trick to brighten things up and now I just have to paint the trim and doors this week! I will post pictures when it is done.

Tonight we are having roast chicken, baked potatoes and salad for's what's on the menu for the rest of the week: (and I spent $47!!...YAY!)

  • chicken alfredo with broccoli

  • tuna steaks, mashed poatoes, salad

  • baked penne with meat sauce

  • shepherds pie

  • pork chops, mashed potatoes, salad

  • Chili

  • BLTs with oven fries

Have a great week everyone!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recycling your Christmas cards

St Judes has a great program for recycling your old greeting cards...and as most of us are taking down our Chrsitmas cards...what better way to start contributing in the New Year!! I am mailing mine tomorrow!

Meal Plan for the week

Just a little late getting this on this week...Can you believe I spent UNDER $40 this week at the grocery store?! We will continue along this path...I loved it!

Here's what we are enjoying for dinners:

Tuesday-chicken alfredo (fettucine noodles with broccoli and tomato added)
Wednesday-Spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic bread
Thursday-BLTs with oven fries
Friday-pork chops, mashed potatoes, salad
Saturday-our real estate agent's customer appreciation party

Have a great week! I will be linking up next week to the Meal Plan Monday!!

7 Springs Trip

The group (minus Karena and the teens)

Karena, Diane and Brooke

The kids had a great time!

That hill on the golf course was perfect for sliding down, just really hard to get back up on your own!!
Thanks to Karena for the great shots

Alot of fun in the snow...back to reality on Tuesday was TOUGH for me. Work has been a bear since then...with an instrument down in the lab, I have sent people on the production floor home with no pay and just feel terrible. I spent all day on the phone with technical support...this meant a clutched cordless phone on one ear and juggling wrenches and screwdrivers with my hands trying to assist. It was I had to go in at 7am and it did little good other than not keeping me there past 5pm. I am beat tonight!
On the adoption front...we received our paperwork from the Secretary of State in MD. We ar ready to send off to the Chinese Consulate in DC and Chicago for other forms. I am chasing Houston and also my UK police clearance...UGH! (oh, since September by the way...) This is a trying process, but so worth it!!
And...we have received 2 fabric quilt squares for the 100 wishes quilt for the baby. Iwill post pictures on that soon!! : )