Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sick in the summer??!

We had a great weekend spending some much needed quality time together...we had helped friends move last week, busy getting the house in Preston finished for settlement this Friday (YAY)...and work has been crazy for us both. (Me more so...but that's a whole different story!) So, we went to the Fair on Friday night to see Jeff Dunham (hilarious). I cleaned and grocery shopped for the week on Saturday while Todd finished up at Preston. Then, we went to see The Ugly Truth...great movie! Sunday, we dropped off our boat to rent for the week to a really nice family in Royal Oak, ate lunch at Foxy's and did some shopping in St Michaels.

Todd has been suffering with a sore back for a few weeks. Finally went to the doctor and it was diagnosed with muscle spasms. Got some medicine and that seemed to help. A few days later, developed a rash...back to the Doctor to learn he has SHINGLES!! He is doing well. Feels pretty run down, but I think is over the worst of it. The rash is starting to dry out, and the pain in his back is subsiding.

Today, I went to the Doctor with a sore throat I woke up with...and of course those icky white spots...strep culture was negative, so they did a more invasive culture to send off. I have a fever, swollen glands, and feel kind of poopy...Got some prednisone to start on that I know will make me feel better!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Delaware State Fair

Tonight, Todd and I are headed to the Delaware State Fair in Harrington to enjoy the food, the animals, the sites and Jeff Dunham. We absolutely LOVE the fair. There is just something about the atmosphere, the food, and of course the tractor ride from your car to the fair grounds....Are we rednecks or what?!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Adoption Update

The paperchase has begun....we will be getting bi-weekly e-mails from our dossier consultant with a list of items we should be ordering (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc....) They say if we stay up to date with the e-mails, we will stay on track with the dossier submission! Our goal is to have our dossier to China by the Fall!


We had a great weekend with friends. Deb, Scott and Julia travelled over to the Shore from Annapolis to go out on the boat, eat crabs, and enjoy ice cream in Oxford on Saturday....
And Sunday, Todd and I babysat for Maci and Chloe while their family packed up to move to Tunis Mills!! We thought it would helpful to have little hands and feet out of the way while Mom and Dad focused on the big stuff right now.

Maci in the pool bag
Maci and Chloe at the pool

Julia tubing

Capt. Julia driving the boat!!

Julia in the tube for the first time, ever!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching up...

The bloodwork results turned out to be Connective Tissue Disorder. Some off kidney results too, but something we are just going to keep an eye on....I go back in 3 months to get this done all over again!

We sent off our agency agreement today for the adoption!! YIPPEE!! Now, we need to apply for our homestudy, get fingerprinted, apply for the I-800A and get LOGGED in with China!! We are SOOOO excited!

We will keep you posted on this process, thank you to all our loved ones for your support! : ) We can't wait to bring our baby girl HOME.

Monday, July 6, 2009


I go to the doctor on Wednesday to discuss my blood work results...I'm nervous....I'm scared....they think I have a minor case of Lupus (if that is possible), just affecting my skin. If I get burned or too much sun, I develop this incredibly itchy red rash. I had to be so careful in PR last week, and I think I did great! I miss the days of tanning myself and really soaking up the rays...reapplying was my friend! HA

I did receive my results last week in the mail, but I have NO idea what they mean....some numbers are high, but us that good or bad....Wednesday, I will know more....and I can't wait!

Meals for the week

Monday: Grilled tenderloin, mash and green beans and asparagus with herb, butter, cheese sauce

Tuesday: Stuffed chicken breast (tomatoes and feta cheese), pasta salad, and watermelon

Wednesday: Grilled Chicken wings, potato salad, cukes and onions, devilled eggs (picnic in the park)

Thursday: beef, asparagus, green bean and carrot rolls with rice or noodles

Friday: Grilled tenderloin, mashed potatoes, sliced tomatoes with feta cheese

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Puerto Rico

We spent the past 5 days in Puerto Rico with our friends, Nick and Cory and Nick's sister, Jodie and her boyfriend, Marcell. We stayed in Palmas Del Mar in Humacao.

View from my beach chair at the beach

Old San Juan (view from El Morro)

Todd in Old San Juan

The Fort in Old San Juan

Snorkelling trip

We had a great trip! It was nice to get home on the 4th of July and overlook the fireworks as we drove home across the Bay Bridge. Today, we relaxed, unpacked, did laundry and are trying to prepare ourselves to go back to work tomorrow.
I definately know how empty nesters feel....our dogs are still at the kennel, and Marie is home in Norway. The house is very quiet...We were so excited to hear from Marie via Facebook this week to know she was home safely!! But....WE MISS YOU!!!

Our last night with Marie

The night before we dropped Marie off on Newark, we met the Dixon's for some ice-cream at our favorite spot in Oxford...

'Mom', Marie & 'Dad'

Marie and Vanessa

Chloe, Marie and Maci