Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

 A few weeks ago, we went with Todd's family to the Elks Club for Breakfast with Santa. It was a lot of fun, and Tatum LOVED Santa.

 Tatum before her Christmas program at daycare. They Peapod and Strawberry Patch rooms stood upfront, held babies and rocked them as we all sung away in a manger. The practice night did NOT go well for Tatum, but amazingly the big night of the show, was a success!!

 Tatum upfront with all her friends and one crooked bow!

 Christmas Eve we went to Nai Nai and Pop Pop's for dinner with Todd's whole extended family--Tatum took a great nap which allowed us to enjoy dinner without feeding anyone! Tatum loved to help Mom Mom open her gifts. :)

 Uncle Brent and Tatum snuck off to enjoy a tea party....SO sweet.

 Christmas morning we had Todd's family over for breakfast so they could enjoy Tatum opening presents. Tatum and I both we suffering from a cold/cough, so we were pretty slow moving that morning. She really enjoyed opening presents and understood what to do.

 A snowman from Grandma and Grandpa

 A beautiful sweater dress from Grandma and Grandpa

 A field hockey stick just Tatum's size from Aunt Jena

 Enjoying a morning snack and the new book that Nai Nai gave Tatum with a recorded story read by her-so special & Tatum loves it!

 Christmas night we went to Todd's parents for a prime rib dinner and open more presents-Santa visited Nai Nai and Pop Pop's house too--Tatum's first car

 Tatum's 3 in 1 tricycle (Smart Trike)

And a wagon for Raggedy Anne and Andy...

Over all, we had a great holiday and thankfully are now all feeling better. Tatum goes back to the dr this week to get her ears looked at again to be sure her ear infection has cleared up after her antibiotics, and we want to get her cough checked out again. We are also applying for her passport!! Yippee!!

Now....we are gearing up for a very quiet New Years Eve. I have some red wine and a pot of chili cooking on the stove...we are going to put Tatum to bed and enjoy a picnic in front of the fire and making a bucket list....many of our dreams have come true this year, but we still have a lifetime of things to go and do with our beautiful daughter. 2011 was one of our best years ever welcoming Tatum home...I can't even imagine how 2012 can live up to that!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A sick little girl....

This was yesterday...Tatum just arrived home from the doctor with the diagnosis of a COLD and an EAR INFECTION. We were so happy to be given some antibiotics, and I think Tatum was happy to spend the day home with her Daddy recovering. (Although, I think she only sat still long enough eat this yogurt--which is by the way, her FAVORITE food ever!!) Pop-Pop also stopped by for a few hours to hang out with Tatum while Daddy attended a meeting at work...I am out of time off, so me staying home was not an option for me :(

Tatum bounced back pretty quick and is back to school today..there were still a few tears at drop off this morning, but I bet if she understood that tomorrow was her Christmas party, she would be excited!! :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tatum's first day at 'school'

 Our little munchkin ready to go this morning before leaving for the Kinder Garden.
 Mommy and Tatum
Daddy and a squirmy Tatum

We both dropped Tatum off this morning at daycare. I was an obvious bundle of nerves and tears, but our beautiful little girl marched right in and sat down at the play table and made herself right at home. I hung her coat, her bag and placed her lunch in her cubby that was labelled for her already. I kissed her good-bye and tried desperately to hold back tears, but Miss Patty, Tatum's teacher hugged me and told me everything would be ok. :) was. Todd and I met for lunch, which was really nice. We both asked if either had called to check in on Tatum, and the answers were both no. I wanted to...but then I didn't want to be THAT Mom. I figured if they needed me, they would call. Tatum took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and had a change of t-shirts due to spaghetti o's getting all over her! :)

We both met to pick up Tatum after spending our days apart. I cleaned our house from top to bottom and finished tying up some loose ends before going back to work on Thursday. did the last 12 weeks go by so fast?! I will miss my days with Tatum, but know (hope) this is just short term....that's the only thing keeping me going. I have a job and I am thankful, however being Tatum's Mommy is honestly the best job I have ever had....and the reward/pay is much more priceless than dollars....if only it would pay the bills!! ; ) Tatum was helping pick up the chairs and sweep the floor when we arrived. We walked into her classroom and just watched her. I wanted to run in and swoop her up, but I was just so proud of her. She was such a big girl, and was interacting how she should. It was beautiful to see. Finally I stooped down to her level and caught her eye....she came running right over and my heart melted. I have never been so in love with someone I just met.....this little girl is going to make a difference in this world and I am lucky to be her Mommy and hold her hand the whole way.

Tomorrow is a new day...and infants and toddlers are coming to meet with me in the morning to discuss our development plan for Tatum. Some states know this as early intervention. We were concerned with some motor skills and language delay for Tatum. Part of it is being in an institution for 2 years and the other is learning English for the first time. Anyway, she qualifies for services and we will find out in the morning what those services are. Again, just more things that will help this little girl of ours grow leaps and bounds!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


 First trip the dentist and Miss Tatum handled it like such a big girl...she even let them clean her teeth and look in her mouth! Our pediatric dentist asks that parents wait in the waiting room, but let me go back since Tatum is only 2....I stood in the doorway with tears in my eyes the whole time. Super proud of my baby girl :)
 First Thanksgiving with a morning trip to the park

 First Thanksgiving...and first ride in the baby doll stroller with Aunt April

 First Turkey dinner....yummy!

 First trip to the mall with Nai-Nai. They were waiting for the train to take them both for a ride!
 First visit with Santa at the Salisbury Mall...she loved him!

 First Easton Christmas parade
 First time getting into the Christmas ornaments
First time putting the tree topper up with Daddy
 First pig tails and Christmas pjs
 First time hanging an ornament on the Christmas tree
First Christmas tree with Tatum....we will go next weekend to cut down a fresh one!!

And tomorrow is Tatum's first day at the Kinder first day without Tatum in the last 2.5 first day of tears for sure!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A windy photo shoot....

A local photographer offered us a photo shoot as a welcome home gift for Tatum. We wanted to capture some shots of Tatum in her new 'downtown'...we had a good time, bumps and bruises, and A LOT of WIND.....

 Tatum outside the Historic Tidewater Inn
 Showing us those beautiful dimples (and trying to find some shelter from the wind)
 Kisses for Mommy
Our very happy family....Tatum McKenlin, we love you and are so happy to be sharing our lives with you. You bring so much love and joy, and are so proud of the beautiful little girl you are inside and out.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Breakfast with Tatum and Baby Julin...

Halloween 2011

We had a busy Halloween weekend. Friday we went to our bank to trick or treat and enter some competitions and to win a savings bond.

 Our beautiful bumble bee
 Miss Casey teaching Tatum how to trick or treat at the bank
 Saturday was a dreary Sunday we went out to the Pumpkin Patch to get Tatum's first pumpkin

 The we stopped for lunch and Tatum enjoyed her first ice-cream....YUMMY!
 After nap time, Tatum went to a friend's Birthday party and LOVED the moon bounce
 Monday night, we went to the Fall Festival in our town and Tatum rode her first pony....she held on tight and had a great time.
 Then we rode up to surprise Nai-Nai and Pop-Pop and went trick or treating in their neighborhood. We really wanted a safe neigborhood, and we knew they would have a lot of fun with Tatum. Our neighborhood is great, but filled with many old people (golf course community) and just wouldn't have been fun for Tatum.
 Tatum wanted to hand her treats back!
Then, she wanted to take more than one treat when the whole bowl was presented to her!

I typically HATE Halloween...I'm not into dressing up at all. Don't get me wrong, I love the decorating and the candy, but that's it....this year was different. I had a great time seeing Halloween through my daughter's eyes and I LOVED it!

This week we've have our first hair cut, our first trip to the dentist and infants and toddlers are coming out to do an evaluation on Tatum to offer assistance on getting her up to speed. She is doing great on her own, but we want to offer her the best care we can. Next week my dearest friend from my childhood, Susan, is flying out from Oklahoma to spend a long weekend with us, and we can't wait!! I'm also excited about a little adult girl time....and quality time with such a dear friend. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Storytime at the Easton Library

 We went to storytime this morning with Wendy and Leland. It was SO much fun!! Tatum really enjoyed herself and had a lot of fun with the stories, songs and other children.

 And Tatum always wanted to be right up front!

It was so nice to see Tatum interact with the stories, other children and the songs. And yes, I was the Mommy in the background with tears in my eyes!! ; )