Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Consulate Appointment confirmed!

We received word this morning that our consulate appointment has been approved for 9/28/2011. We are so excited, I can't even begin to tell you what we are feeling.

Here is our tentative schedule...we leave for China on 9/15!!

09/15 – Depart US
09/16 – Arrive in Beijing to participate in the Beijing tours on 9/17
09/18 – Arrive in province if you’re not participating in the Beijing Tours
09/19 – Gotcha Day!
09/23 – Fly to Guangzhou
09/24 – Medical exam/TB Test in Guangzhou
09/28 - AC appointment – Oath Taking Ceremony
09/29 - Family goes to AC to pick up passport with visa at ~ 3:30 pm
09/30 - Departure from China

We are working to get flights approved, etc... right now. Wish us luck!!

PS My Birthday is 9/20...best.birthday.ever this year!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two Letters...


I am one happy girl! We are hoping to leave September 8th, and I can't wait!!

We have a huge weekend planned. My family and friends are hosting a shower for us this weekend, and we have a ton of out of town friends coming in...and Irene needs to back off!

I will be back soon....I am exhausted and I need to start packing!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is it, the final wait on a government body to issue something for the adoption process to bring Tatum home. We are waiting on our Travel Approval (TA). I look at blogs, forums, you name it...anything associated with a way for me to estimate when we can expect to receive our TA. I'm going crazy...my phone is with me at all times, I'm not sleeping well...and did I mention that we were in an earthquake today here in MD? In addition to that...we are expecting a hurricane this weekend. We are hosting a crab feast for 22 of our closest friends and family who are in turn hosting a shower for me to celebrate the homecoming of Tatum.

Tomorrow night, I am hosting a Cookie Lee jewelry party and my friend Jodi has offered 30% of all sales to be donated towards the orphanage fee that is needed to bring Tatum home. I'm looking forward to a night with some ladies to kick back and relax.

On top of all of this, work is nuts. I have just about zero interest in being there, I've had enough and I need a break....a 12 week break for me to be with my baby girl....so, come on TA!! (according to my neurotic math, we should receive TA this Friday...just saying)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Last week we received an update on Tatum!! I took this picture from the lap top to brighten it up a little...our little beauty is 22 lbs now and just beautiful! I can't wait to get over there to get my hands on her and bring her home...I'm ready to see that first smile!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Article 5

Good News...our Article 5 was picked up!!! Now we wait for Travel Approval (TA)!! I can't believe this good news.......YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!