Thursday, June 25, 2009


We have a few things coming up this weekend....

Our host daughter, Marie, is travelling home to....
We drop her off in Newark on Sunday. She then stays with a local AFS host family before her flight home to Norway when she will arrive on July 1st. We had a fun year together!
Then....on Monday.....
We leave for.....

Puerto Rico!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summertime on the Boat

This Sunday we headed out on the boat and got lucky with the weather (look at the sky)! We ran into Oxford and saw that Jr Sailing was having a Regatta...I hope one day we will be cheering on some little ones, it was so fun to watch!

Self Portrait...HAHA

We are so lucky to live here...

And on rare occasions, we bring one of the dogs with us. The other weekend, it was Winston's turn! Don't you just love the summer do! He's a really good boater, I hope one day we can handle them both together!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meals for the week

Sunday: Pan seared halibut with tomatoes, corn on the cobb, summer squash and fresh ciabatta bread, mint vanilla ice cream pie with strawberries
Monday: taco/chili stuffed zucchini, peaches and raspberries with vanilla ice cream
Tuesday: strip steak wrapped around carrots, asparagus and grean beans on top of noodles, fruit salad
Wednesday: BLTs with tater tots, watermelon
Thursday: chili with creamy corn muffins
Friday: date night...going to see 'My Sisters Keeper' & Marie has a going away party
Saturday:Our last night with Marie....either Chicken picatta and linguine or out to eat with the Dixon's to say our good-byes

Weekend of Movies

Last night we went out on the boat to get ice-cream in Oxford at the Scottish Highland Creamery with Daryl and Karena. This is the best homemade ice-cream, hands down! There is always something different...last night we had watermelon sorbet, cake batter, bonofie pie, and a chocolate shake. We passed at the Maple Bacon! HA HA
Daryl and Karena were able to get a sitter for the little girls and we headed to the movies to see The Proposal...LOVED it!

We were going to head out on the boat today for a picnic, but it has! UGH So...we are headed to Cambridge to see the Hangover this afternoon. Todd is opening the house we have for sale in Corbin for a realtor (tenants are away)...and we want to take down the BLANKET they use as a curtain on their back slider...they are moving out at the end of the month....I hope they take their blanket with them!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Orzo Pasta Salad

I LOVE to make Orzo pasta salad in the's light , easy and so delicous!! We are going out on the boat with the Dixon's this weekend for a picnic, and this will be a must have!

Orzo Pasta Salad
Orzo Pasta
Grape tomatoes
Fresh Basil
Lemon juice
Olive Oil
salt and pepper

Boil the orzo according to the package. Drain and rinse with some cold water to remove the extra starch. Chop grape tomatoes in half (add to your liking) Add some sliced fresh basil leaves, lemon juice, dash of olive oil and some salt and pepper for flavor....mix together and serve....YUMMY!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meals for the week....

Monday: Pot Roast (Yes, I know it's summertime...but it was GOOD!)
Tuesday: Spaghetti with meat sauce
Wednesday: Shrimp with Spinach and Spaghetti
Thursday: Out to eat...Marie is going to a party her friends are throwing for her farewell and Birthday (I am hoping we can go to Ava's--I am really craving that short ribs dish!)
Friday: Tacos

Shrimp with Spinach and Spaghetti
1/3 bag of organic spaghetti
1/2lb-1lb shrimp
1 lemon
2 tb olive oil
1 1/2 cups fresh organic spinach
salt and pepper
Boil water and cook spagetti. While spagetti is cooking, steam shrimp and season with s & p. In individual bowls, put 3/4 cup spinach in each bowl. When spagetti is cooked, toss with olive oil and juice from one lemon, plus s & p. Put spagetti on top of spinach, then top with shrimp and parmesan.

EHS Class of 2009 Graduation

Marie participated in the EHS Class of 2009 graduation on June 4th

Memorial Day 2009

Maci, Jackson, Lily and Chloe
Todd stealing a kiss on the Tred Avon...

Memorial Day weekend, we went to dinner in Oxford with the Dixon's and the Showalter's. It was a great time with great friends!!