Thursday, May 23, 2013


Grady Edward Elliott
6lb, 10.5oz
18 3/4 inches
I know I have been terrible at keeping up with this blog....I have been exhausted!!
My water broke around 4pm on Friday May 10th in the parking lot of my daughter's school when she was climbing into her car seat. Todd and I had just been to the doctor for a check up (36 week) and an ultrasound. Everything looked great and I was measuring just as I should be. Them boom! Our lives were changing in an instant. I stopped by the doctor's office on my way back across town just to be sure this was what I thought it was. I had no pains in my stomach, no contractions, nothing....just a large amount of liquid trickling down my leg. Sure enough, my doctor said I needed a mop and to head right over to the birthing center. Keep in mind I was only 35 weeks and 3 days....the hospital bag was not packed, we didn't have a car seat, etc....we still had 4 weeks!!
We got checked into the hospital, got Tatum straight with her Aunt Jena, Kayla and Aunt April for the night....and we got ready to hunker down and have this baby! Todd went home to pack our bags, run to Target for a car seat and come back to hag out with me through the night.
I was contracting about every 2-3 minutes, but had no feeling of this. I just was loosing a lot of liquid. Finally around 9-10pm I started feeling some cotractions. Then at 2am I could't stand it anymore. I was only dilated 1cm at this point so I decided it was ok to have some pain meds in my IV. That was blissful, it allowed me to get some sleep on and off and have the pain subside a little. I had some more again at 6am then I was dilated enough for the epidural at 7:30am. Then....I was in heaven.
Finally at 12:30 they told me we were going to start pushing. I pushed for 3 hours and nada. This baby did not want to come out. He was hung up on my pelvic bone and we thought he was face up. The mid wife called the dr on call to come in and he had to use forceps to deliver Grady. Grady came out at 3:48pm like a chanp and they made sure he was ok. Everything was great. He needed no respiratory care, no UV lights, nothing....just perfect.
I on the other hand had a few complications. I haemoraged, my placenta was growing into my uterus and I could literally feel the dr scraping it out with his fingers. I had a 2nd degree tear, swelling, hemorroids, one talks about this stuff and it is miserable, let me tell you!!
Grady ended up being hooked up to an IV due to his low glucose levels, and had an antibiotic for elevated white counts. I was discharged on Monday, but ended up being able to stay with him in the same room until he was discharged on Tuesday. (he had to stay 48 hours after the atibiotics)
We have been home for a little over a week now and just had his 2 week appt this morning. He's down to 6lb 4oz, so we are trying to feed a little more aggressive. He also needs some time in his diaper in the window to combat the jaundice. We go back again next Wednesday for a check up on his weight.
Grady also has a cold he inherited from his big sister Tatum and his Daddy. I have diahrrea and that could also be contributing to his weight loss. Today has been the first day I have really had much of an appetite again.
Tatum had adjusted well to being a big sister, and we have had a lot of help with her that we could not have been more thankful for. Tonight she is spending the night with my inlaws, and Todd and I look forward to a night with just Grady and some good feeding. :)
I am starting to feel human again.....the pain the first few days was a misery, but time heals. So does night hot baths!! ; )