Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

....if you are a parent and have had a child with this horrible virus...I don't need to say any more. It is the pits :( We are on day 2 of a fever, the rash is spreading all over and my sweet baby girl is just miserable. We all miss sleep....terribly.

On another note, I moved to the Product Management Group at work this Monday. I am very thankful for the opportunity this is providing myself and my family. I think I am going to be very happy in this new role. Now....if I could just get back into that new office and show them what I am really made of. Unfortunately though my sweet little nugget needs me more than anything right now....and this is just one of the challenges of being a working Momma.

I am off to syringe some pedialyte into my sweet baby who is refusing to drink or eat anything....refusing in a terrible, terrible kicking, screaming kind of way. :(

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day 2012

Tatum and I had a very LOW key, quiet weekend after a scare last weekend that landed us in the ER during our trip to The Hill for Todd's 15 year high school reunion. Tatum does not do well in the this has caused us to change some plans for the summer, and take a step back and make sure she is safe. Todd went to his future Brother in Law's bachelor party last night. Tatum and I enjoyed a Chinese Dinner at the House of Hunan in our small town, just the girls. It was so nice. Today we all just relaxed around the house then got ready for dinner with Todd's Mom at Bridges in Kent Island. His Dad is in the Newport to Bermuda sail race right now, but we missed celebrating with him too.

There are a lot of changes for our family right now....Todd has started a new job and I was told on Thursday that my job was being eliminated. I don't know when my last day will be, but I am hoping some light will be shed this week. Everything happens for a reason, and we are taking one day at a time.

It's a busy week gearing up for my Sister in Law's bridal back soon!!