Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Storytime at the Easton Library

 We went to storytime this morning with Wendy and Leland. It was SO much fun!! Tatum really enjoyed herself and had a lot of fun with the stories, songs and other children.

 And Tatum always wanted to be right up front!

It was so nice to see Tatum interact with the stories, other children and the songs. And yes, I was the Mommy in the background with tears in my eyes!! ; ) 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tot Time at St Michaels Library

This morning, Tatum and I went to the St Michaels library for Tot Time. This morning they colored a pumpkin cut out and glued it onto a poster, listed to a pumpkin story and got a bag of goodies to take home. It was nice to see Tatum interact with other children....and march right up from to the librarian reading to point at the pictures in the book ;).

 Tatum had a lot of fun coloring and listening to the story...even if we didn't sit still for too long....
Let's go Mom, I got my treat bag and I am ready!

Hanna and Haley turn 3

Hanna and Haley turn 3 and they invited Tatum to share in the fun!! This was Tatum's first Birthday party to attend, and she had a great time once she warmed up.

 Hanna and Haley were so sweet to share their toys and then Tatum would bring them to Mommy
So excited to go down the BIG slide

The colorful tube was fun too and Tatum went through it many times.

Thanks again Hanna and Haley for letting us share your Birthday fun!

Apple Picking

This weekend, my friend Wendy and I took Tatum and Leland apple picking at Blades Orchard in Preston. We had beautiful weather and the best time together. Then, on Sunday we baked our goodies and made 10 pies! We still had apples left over...I think this week, I will make an apple bundt cake or some muffins. We were able to freeze our pies, so that will help them last longer.

 Tatum wanted to pull Leland in the wagon

 Tatum really enjoyed the wagon ride

 She was so pretty sitting with her apples

 Helping Mommy and eating what she picked

Is this not the cutest picture ever!! I think Blades Orchard could advertise with this shot!!

Thanks to Wendy and Leland for a great weekend!! Fall is my absolutel favorite time of year...and I couldn't be happier to share it with Tatum this year. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Library and Pumpkin Patch Fun

 This morning, Tatum and I met some of my friends from high school and their children for some fun at the Punpkin Patch
 Tatum loved the corn maze

 Emma, Taylor, Leland and Tatum driving the combine
 Fun in the corn table

 Earlier in the week, we had a rainy dreary day...and it was perfect for heading tot he library to join and find out when storytime is. Tatum wanted to check out all the fun arts and crafts there are to do.

On our way out, we had some fun a the lego table. Tatum loves to take things apart and put them back together.

We had a good week! We also enjoyed a photo session for what we hope will be some nice Christmas cards....as soon as we can share some shots from the photographer, we will. We also had out first bump and bruise from that session. Tatum is fine...just a little skinned nose and forehead from falling off a brick step....nothing major!

We have a busy weekend planned. Tomorrow we are going apple picking with Wendy and Leland in Preston and then we will bake our apple pies on Sunday!! :) Then, that afternoon we are heading to our first Birthday party for 2 special 3 year old twins.

Happy Fall!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What a difference a month can make...

Gotcha Day-September 19, 2011

This was the best day of our lives...we met our beautiful little daughter at the Hangzhou Civil Affairs Office. We were scared, anxious, excited...but probably feeling nothing like our sweet Tatum was feeling. Now that we have known our daughter for a month, we know how in shock she was, how scared she was and how uncertain she was about trusting these two people that loved her even before they were matched with her in April. The love we had for Tatum was and is so amazing.

One month later...Tatum is full of life, full of love and blossoms daily. It is amazing what LOVE can do for these  beautiful children...just amazing, it leaves me speechless.

Tatum has adjusted really well to being at home just a little over 2 weeks. We couldn't be happier with her progress, and are so proud of the beautiful little girl she is growing into. Each day she surprises us, and we fall more in love.

Tatum can say Mama, Dada, Dog, Hi, No No, bye-bye. She can wave hello and good-bye, blow kisses, she can walk much better than in China, pull herself up from a sitting position, love and hug the baby when we tell her to....and those are just a few of the highlights!

Tatum McKenlin thank you for giving your Daddy and I joy like we have never felt before....we love you!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fun Times

 Fun times at the pumpkin patch when Aunt Cory and Uncle Nick were in town for Tatum's Birthday
 Tatum loved the corn table
 Tatum was so excited to wear her new apron this morning to help Mommy bake some pumpkin pies
Nai-Nai came over to play after her hair appointment and Tatum LOVES to put on her reading glasses. Unfortunately she broke them later that morning....but it was fun while it lasted...

We have had a busy 2 weeks settling in at home, and have had many visitors. I am learning to get into a routine, and it is tough. Marley and Winston are both home from the kennel now and Todd is back to work. We are so happy, and Tatum keeps us BUSY!! This weekend we are going to try and go to Annapolis to the Boat Show as we do every year....let's keep our fingers crossed that Tatum is just as excited! ; )

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Tatum!

Life has been busy these past few days...Friday was Tatum's 2nd Birthday and our very best friends came to town for the weekend from South Carolina to help us celebrate Tatum's Birthday.

We had a small party for our closest friends and family members, and Tatum had a blast!! We asked for orphanage donations instead of gifts for Tatum since she absolutely needs nothing. We also want to start something each year where Tatum donates to her orphanage each year with toys she does not play with anymore, or something else she chooses. We may change the donation each year, but for now this is what we plan to do.

We are now getting caught back up on laundry, still unpacking and getting into a schedule as this is our 2nd week at home. This morning, Tatum and I visited Aunt April at work and then hit the grocery store, as we plan to every Monday morning while I am home. We are also working on getting some laundry done too!!

Life is good...and we are soooo happy and tired all at the same time.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Doctor Visit

 Leslie was Tatum's nurse today at the doctor for her check up...Leslie and I went to high school together, it was so great to see her again and Tatum loved her!!

Thirsty work at the doctor!

Tatum weighed 21lb, 4oz
32.5 inches tall
18 inch head circum.

We had a great visit and go back in a few weeks for our 2 year appointment and a new weigh in. We need to gain some weight!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

My first Present to open!

Grandma and Grandpa Brown sent a Welcome Home gift for Tatum! This was the first present that Tatum has ever opened. She seemed to really get the hang of the wrapping paper, and loved to see what was inside.

 Tatum LOVES crayons, so this was a big hit!!
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for my drawing pad, pre-school learning books, crayons and Disney bedtime story book. I love them!!

Love, Tatum xoxo

We are home!

 Chillin' while Mommy packed us to leave for Hong Kong
 Tatum loved the train to Hong Kong
 The Visa envelope our guide collected. We handed this over to immigration and customs when we arrived in the US.
 Lunch at the Regal Hotel in Hong Kong. Our flight was delayed for over 6 hours on the way home due to the Typhoon. The hotel we stayed at for the night was connected to the airport, so we just walked back and hung out there for a LONG time. We hoped Tatum would nap....but no way! There was too much to explore for this girl!
 The view from our gate waiting for our plane to arrive to take us HOME sweet HOME
 Welcome home message for Tatum. April and Jena stayed at the house to take care of the dogs for 2 weeks. We are so thankful for their kindness. The dogs are now at the kennel for a week while Tatum adjusts to her new home.
 Welcome home sign outside
 Aunt Laura came to visit the first day we were home....Tatum LOVES her Aunt Laura
 Mommy got Tatum this giraffe for her room, it arrived at Laura's while we were away....Nai Nai put Tatum on there to ride and have fun!
Talking and telling stories from China....so happy to be home!!

We arrived home Saturday morning around 4am....it was a very late night! Tatum did really well on the flight home and slept about 10 hours from Hong Kong until Chicago. We had a quick layover in Chicago, had our custons meeting in the office and we were on our way running to the gate to take the next plane to Dulles. When we got to Dulles around 12:45am, Nai-Nai, Pop-Pop, Aunt Jena, Uncle Travis, Aunt April, and Uncle Brent were there to welcome us all home. Lisa and Angie were there to take pictures, which I was so thankful for! It was wonderful to see everyone again....

When we got home, Daddy took a nap for a few hours as he is sick. Mommy and Tatum stayed up and we welcomed our first visitors that afternoon. Tatum finally went down to sleep around 2pm, and Todd and I were quick behind her! We all slept and Todd and I got up around midnight and Tatum at 2am. Then, we got her down for a nap around 8:30am and woke her up at 11:30am. Aunt April and Uncle Travis came over....Tom and Brenda were next with a fun pig pillow pet....Brooke and Zoe with a ladybug pillow pet...then Nai-Nai, Pop-Pop, Aunt Jena and Uncle Brent came over while Laura, Beth and the girls were over. Laura had brought us some pasta salad and coleslaw and Jena and Brent brought us some leftovers from Brent's 30th Birthday party, which we were so sorry to miss. We all grabbed a quick bite to eat and Tatum fell asleep around 8pm. We were so happy! She slept through the night and woke up at 5:30am this morning. I think we are getting these days and nights turned around!!

Today Todd is still home from work. He just ran out to check on some property projects we have going on, then we are heading up to the outlets to do some shoe shopping for Miss Tatum, and grab a few essentials that we are finding we need at Target.

Tatum is adjusting really well at home with us. We are trying to learn her demands, and yes, she has them!! Yesterday was our 7 year wedding anniversary....best celebration ever! Todd got me the most beautiful flowers and card, and we enjoyed spending the day at home with our little munchkin. We are IN LOVE!!