Monday, April 25, 2011

Recovering From the weekend & Meal Plan

I really intended to be better at posting last week while I was off, but I actually was super busy and I didn't want to waste a lot of time indoors blogging...the weather was GREAT!!

Wednesday, I won 5 tickets to the Baltimore Orioles game, and the seats were 26 rows behind home plate!! The view was awesome!! Todd wanted to take his parents with us, so we had one extra ticket that didn't get used.

Thursday, we took the Ferry to Cape May in New Jersey from Lewes, DE. It was a great day and we look forward to going back there in the summer for a few days. There were some beautiful houses and alot of nice stores and restaurants.

Saturday morning, I fell in the garage trying to hold the dogs back from running out of the open door. I didn't realize that Todd had the door open and I walked out there to feed them...well boom, down I went. I hurt my back at work a few weeks ago, and this didn't help things one bit. Todd helped grab Winston and I fell onto Marley and we got them inside. Adrenaline definately kicked in. I got to the bench I have inside and I just sat and sobbed. Todd came running in and I couldn't move. He carried me to the sofa where I stayed all day. We had a birthday dinner for his cousin that just turned 40 in Laurel (an hour away) so I knew I needed to rest for this. Lots of ice and meds from the previous injury. NOTHING was touching this pain. Saturday morning I was still hobbling around and I finally gave in and went to Your Docs In (urgent care) and they gave me prednisone, valium and percocet. You ask for it, they would hand it out...scary! I took the prednisone and 1 percocet before Easter dinner and a valium before bed. Boy did I sleep WELL! I took the prednisone again today and only one more valium for me. I have a drug hangover today, that's for sure! We went to Easter dinner at my in-laws and my sister in laws brought their boyfriends. It was nice and relaxing...Winston went a long to play in the neighbors yard. It is so nice to see him run!

Today, I stayed home from work. Todd went in to grab a lap top for me and I completed some reports that have been needed to be completed and relaxed with ice packs and some rest.

Here's the meal plan for this week....

Tuesday-pork chops, stuffing, green bean casserole
Wednesday-BLTs - I have a conference in Baltimore and then book club
Thursday-cheeseburger helper
Friday-chicken, mac & cheese, salad
Saturday-mahi-mahi, rice, salad
Sunday-The Rockfish in Annapolis then Rockapella at Rams Head

Have a great week!

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Debbie said...

Crikey, I hope you are ok now? You poor thing....don't rush back to work, Diane. Dx