Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Study Update

This morning we had our home study update....with a new social worker. That always adds a little extra stress to the situation. Even though I knew everything would be fine, you still scrub the floors a little extra, hope and pray the dogs don't bark too much while cooped up in the garage and hope you answer all the questions the way you should. It went well...our new social worker is very easy to get a long with, and we are happy. We aren't always so happy with the agency we chose to use for the home study part of the adoption...however we do love GWCA who is taking care of the international portion of things. I am sure our MD agency has flagged our file!! We have written a few e-mails to express our dissatisfaction in the past, and typically they pay off. Today went well. We are just waiting for our CPS clearances to come in for our county and our social worker will work to make the changes to encompass Tatum's special needs and we will submit to GWCA for review and have China review with our current logged in dossier. The next step will be obtaining our LSC after China's review. I think that if things stick to the current plan, we could still look at travelling in October/November of this year.

We've started to work on her nursery and have finally agreed on a theme...and how we would like to see it decorated. I ordered the bumper for the crib this morning. No, we don't have a crib...but that's the easy part. These decoartions are the hard part! We have decided on Pottery Barn Kids Jungle Friends, but aren't going over the top. We want this to be educational for her....yet girlie too. Todd just couldn't agree to me getting flowers and pink, etc... although we have agreed on a beautiful pink slip covered chair that rocks for the corner in her room. This will be great for bed time stories and bonding.

I had a half day at work today...but have to go in this afternoon. 4 hours....I can do it!! Have a great week! I am off tomorrow meeting up with my bestest friend ever (Deb) for lunch. Boy do we have a lot to catch up on!! They just got from Paris with their daughter, so I can't wait to hear all about that trip.

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Debbie said...

I think Todd is right re "pink" but don't worry Diane you are going to get loads of it soon! We don't have Pottery Barn here in the UK, but I'm going to look at their website and see what you have picked....oh so exciting! Have lots of fun catching up with Deb tomorrow....Dx