Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is it, the final wait on a government body to issue something for the adoption process to bring Tatum home. We are waiting on our Travel Approval (TA). I look at blogs, forums, you name it...anything associated with a way for me to estimate when we can expect to receive our TA. I'm going crazy...my phone is with me at all times, I'm not sleeping well...and did I mention that we were in an earthquake today here in MD? In addition to that...we are expecting a hurricane this weekend. We are hosting a crab feast for 22 of our closest friends and family who are in turn hosting a shower for me to celebrate the homecoming of Tatum.

Tomorrow night, I am hosting a Cookie Lee jewelry party and my friend Jodi has offered 30% of all sales to be donated towards the orphanage fee that is needed to bring Tatum home. I'm looking forward to a night with some ladies to kick back and relax.

On top of all of this, work is nuts. I have just about zero interest in being there, I've had enough and I need a break....a 12 week break for me to be with my baby girl....so, come on TA!! (according to my neurotic math, we should receive TA this Friday...just saying)

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