Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beach visit...and other...

 Sunday we got up early and drove to Rehobeth to take Tatum to the beach for the first time.
We had a lot of fun taking her onto the beach for the first time, eating lunch at Grotto's and spending some time and a little money at the outlets!
 Thank you to the kind man who took our family photo, but I don't think we were all quite ready...

 Loved the rides at the outlets!
 Wham-o loved driving the car...Todd thought she loved the horn just as much as her Mommy!
 Monday night, Tatum and Daddy worked on our new word and activity from infants and toddlers....'Mo Bubble'...too cute!! We are so happy with our first session of speech therapy, and can't wait for next month when Miss Bonnie comes to the house again.
Every night Tatum helps us feed the dogs. She loves it! Tonight she decided to climb into the cabinet...crazy little girl!

Tomorrow we are heading to our first session of tumble bunnies at a local gymnastic club. I am so excited to see how Tatum likes it. :)

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Debbie said...

You guys look so happy...its a joy to see, Diane. And I can also see how big Tatum is growing. Is she a fussy eater? Gracie is a nightmare!!! I have to have my "very patient mummy face" on at meal times :-D