Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

On Saturday, Tatum and I went to the Elks Club with Nai Nai and Pop Pop for their annual Easter egg hunt. This was Tatum's first time meeting the Easter bunny.Not a huge fan, but didn't mind him from afar.
Mama, Tatum and the Easter Bunny

Tatum ready for the egg hunt

We didn't quite get it this year....and after a rough few weeks recovering, she might not have been on top of her game.

Nai Nai helping Tatum gather an Easter Egg

Happy Easter....the Easter Bunny was very good to Tatum
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the card and money you sent!!

Aunt Cory and Uncle Nick sent a fun Panda art bag
Ms Terry and Mr Ricky sent a fun peek a boo bear, which Tatum LOVES

Nai Nai and Pop Pop also got Tatum a basket and some stuffed animal goodies

Lunch with Daddy at Panera, Tatum loves her sunglasses

Tatum and her Nai Nai

Mama and Tatum on Easter Day (before we dressed Tatum)

Playing the piano with Daddy

Tatum finally started to turn a corner later Thursday/early Friday. We went to our local pediatrician for her to look at Tatum's ears and we had some constipation concerns. She checked out fine, but there was some swelling in her left ear. We will keep an eye on her and take it from there as needed.We are so happy to have our lively baby back...it was a long two weeks without belly laughs, smiles and her sweet and happy disposition. She's also developed either a cold or allergies on top of everything. Her nose runs constantly and I have changed her bed sheets almost daily because of her nose and any additional discharge still coming from her mouth. I feel so bad for her. She is still not sleeping through the night, we hear her fuss about every 2-3 hours, but thankfully she just soothes herself and goes right back to sleep.

We still have Tatum on a soft diet. It is only 2 weeks since surgery and they have recommended 3 weeks until hard foods again...we are stocked with yogurt, jello, pudding, etc...but I need to get more in her too. Thank goodness for Ravioli and ABCs and 123s!!

We are so happy to be making this great progress. Thank you everyone for your support, love and prayers.

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Debbie said...

She is looking so well....love the photo of Tatum sitting cross legged on sofa!