Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oxford Day and Picking Strawberries

 Swinging with Daddy at Oxford Day
 We found Wendy and Leland, and the kids swang together and learned to dance...they held hands and just froze! Too cute!!

 Nai Nai took us strawberry picking this week, and it was a lot of fun. Tatum still has a lot to learn about strawberry picking...
 helping Nai Nai

 Then we met Wendy and Leland at the park in Oxford for some fun

 Finished up the day with some ice cream
On Saturday we met Deb, Julia and Josephine for lunch in Annapolis. (Julia was the flowergirl in our wedding--now she is 11 and just beautiful & so wonderful with Tatum). It was so amazing to have lunch with Deb and our daughters. It brought tears to both of our eyes. What a great day. Tatum was so well behaved, so polite and ate so well. I was a very proud Mama of this little beauty.

Today we are just playing at home this morning and then I am getting ready for a bridal luncheon my sweet Mother in Law is throwing for my sister in law that is getting married in August. I am really looking forward to spending time with April's friends, who are just so fabulous. There has been a lot going on for the bachelorette party (really good things), and everyone has really pulled together to make it special for April.

Happy weekend!!


Debbie said...

Hey...great to hear what you are all getting up to....and Tatum has her first boyfriend!

Sharon said...

You guys are having such fun and Tatum is just thriving! You should be a very proud mommy!