Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

....if you are a parent and have had a child with this horrible virus...I don't need to say any more. It is the pits :( We are on day 2 of a fever, the rash is spreading all over and my sweet baby girl is just miserable. We all miss sleep....terribly.

On another note, I moved to the Product Management Group at work this Monday. I am very thankful for the opportunity this is providing myself and my family. I think I am going to be very happy in this new role. Now....if I could just get back into that new office and show them what I am really made of. Unfortunately though my sweet little nugget needs me more than anything right now....and this is just one of the challenges of being a working Momma.

I am off to syringe some pedialyte into my sweet baby who is refusing to drink or eat anything....refusing in a terrible, terrible kicking, screaming kind of way. :(


Debbie said...

Im sending your girl a cuddle, hope she feels better soon........

Sharon said...

Poor Tatum, it is always terrible when one's baby is sick. I hope she feels better soon and you all get some rest. Congrats on the new role!