Monday, July 15, 2013

Two Months

 Our little man is 2 months old already.....time sure flies by!!
This month's biggest challenge has been your discomfort....You have been one cranky little baby and all I wanted to do was fix it for you. SO many people offered their opinions on what they thought it was....but I am so glad I stuck to my guns, tried a few things, went to visit the pediatrician and I think we have a cure!!
Our pediatrician has put Grady on Zantac (0.7mL 3x a day). We started that on his 2 month birthday and noticed a slight improvement overnight. Not enough to start jumping for joy, but it was a start. By the weekend, he was not grunting, squirming and crying nearly as much. It was the best! Sunday afternoon I went to Target and bought some Dr Browns bottles. Everyone had been talking about them, so what the heck, let's go for it! And there is no going back. Now he only cries when he's hungry or drops his pacifier! I picked him up from daycare today and he actually smiled and had a slight giggle when I leaned in to kiss him while loading him into the car. It was the best! We are also using a formula pitcher to make up the bottles, in attempt to not add any air to the bottles.
I am so glad I stuck to my gut instinct and we didn't switch formula. That could have caused a whole lot of headaches....we will see how we continue to improve and go from there.
Today I bought a new play mat for Grady to enjoy. It's one of the ones that has a piano that he can kick and it will play music. Best purchase ever! He adores it which means we do to. It kept him occupied for about half and hour today--this is huge!
Grady is now in 3 months clothes, wears a size 1 Pampers swaddler diaper, eats 4oz at 9am, 12 noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm then will go either until 3:30am or 5am if we are lucky. Then we fumble through a 6am or 7am before Todd drops him and Tatum go to day care. Grady still loves baths, and most of all...his sister. And you know what?! I think she loves him too :)


likeschocolate said...

little man is adorable!

Debbie said...

How are you doing being back it work, Diane?

I love this photo, all set and ready to go!

noly anna said...

awww your baby is adorable!!