Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sick in the summer??!

We had a great weekend spending some much needed quality time together...we had helped friends move last week, busy getting the house in Preston finished for settlement this Friday (YAY)...and work has been crazy for us both. (Me more so...but that's a whole different story!) So, we went to the Fair on Friday night to see Jeff Dunham (hilarious). I cleaned and grocery shopped for the week on Saturday while Todd finished up at Preston. Then, we went to see The Ugly Truth...great movie! Sunday, we dropped off our boat to rent for the week to a really nice family in Royal Oak, ate lunch at Foxy's and did some shopping in St Michaels.

Todd has been suffering with a sore back for a few weeks. Finally went to the doctor and it was diagnosed with muscle spasms. Got some medicine and that seemed to help. A few days later, developed a rash...back to the Doctor to learn he has SHINGLES!! He is doing well. Feels pretty run down, but I think is over the worst of it. The rash is starting to dry out, and the pain in his back is subsiding.

Today, I went to the Doctor with a sore throat I woke up with...and of course those icky white spots...strep culture was negative, so they did a more invasive culture to send off. I have a fever, swollen glands, and feel kind of poopy...Got some prednisone to start on that I know will make me feel better!

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