Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Great weekend!!

It was our 5 year Anniversary this weekend, and we had a lot going on!!

Friday afternoon we met at home for our first Home Study visit. Our social worker was very kind, and helped answer a few questions we had about the home study process. We have received our packet and there is a lot of paperwork to collect. The last few things we have are to collect our reference letters, sanitation survey, fire inspection and our medical forms. We have a lot of the other items crossed off the list and are ready to go. Once we complete the packet, we mail it back to the agency and our social worker will meet with us 3 more times. It will take 90 days to complete the home study.

Before we went to dinner, we had to wait for our boat broker to stop by so we could sign a contract for the sale of our boat. It is very bitter sweet, but it is what is best for us right now. We have a Shamrock 22 but next week it will be on it's way to Nova Scotia!! Then, Marley our 5 year old Golden Retriever fell down the stairs running. She is still limping today and Saturday morning we were at the vet for a test for Lymes and an injection of cortisone...I think she will be back to the vet tomorrow as she is still limping.

Dinner Friday night was at the new Bartlett Pair Inn in Easton. It was yummy!! We decided to do the chef's tasting menu...and entrees included: Lettuce Crab, potato and leek soup, seared halibut, steak and fries, and chocolate souffle with basil cream...we had a bottle of wine and it was delicous!!

Saturday morning, we went on a sail from St Michaels on the Selina II...enjoyed lunch at Foxy's and then had a family wedding at the same church we were married at 5 years ago....it was nice. We didn't go to the reception, and came home to share a delicious take out from Scossa (our favorite Italian Restaurant) and a movie then a small fire in our back yard...it was a wonderfully romatic evening and we wer both so happy!!

Sunday, we had to clean up trash that our tenants left in the yard of our rental house...that was certainly a come back to reality! Then, we headed over to John and Laura's for some skeet shooting and off to Johnny's for the BEST burgers ever!!

Monday...back to work with a new boss....it's a challenge and I am trying really hard. Some things have already happened that I am not ready to share, but I think I handled them well and I hope I did the right thing. Tomorrow, we have our annual ISO audit which lasts for 3 days. I am also in the process of some method development/validation work for a project we are working on...it hasn't been going too well, so let's keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow!!

Hope everyone has a good week....I am exhausted already and it's only Tueseday!!

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Laura said...

Get well soon Marls!