Thursday, October 1, 2009

What a week!!

I don't know if I am coming or going this week, we have so much going on right now!! Todd started a new 'flip this house project'...and we are up to our eyeballs and more with paperwork for the adoption!! I am trying deperately to stretch every minute of time that I have left this year with vacation and sick time...and it's tough!! We went to Annapolis the other day to get our livescan finger prints for the home study. Next week we have TB tests, sanitation survey and inspection of the I have my follow up with the Rheumatologist for my Lupus tests. I don't have Lupus, but they thought I did 3 months ago, and this is the final (I hope) follow up to confirm negative results.'s a bear at work. Something new and frustrating everyday....and of course no notice to the lab for anything. I am an analytical chemist, and the only one at my company. I have so much to do right now, it's pretty overwhelming.
Oh, and did I mention that we have our first home study visit this Friday??? It's also our 5th Wedding Anniversary. Is this ironic or what?!
Hope everyone is having a good week. I hope to post some pictures this weekend from the Anniversary festivities!!
Meal Plan for the week:
Monday-The most awesome rack of lamb, mashed potatoes, spinach
Tuesday-Rusticanna for pizza
Wednesday-Mason's bar
Thursday-oops forgot to take something out again!
Friday-out to eat--Todd's in charge for the Anniversary
Saturday-Family wedding-we aren't staying for the reception-out to eat again
Sunday-Pot Roast....fall is here!!
Do you notice a trend with all this eating out?! We are BUSY people right now!!
Hopefully we can relax and enjoy some fun this weekend--I have a surprise for Todd on Saturday for our Anniversary that I hope he LOVES. It doesn't beat the seaplane ride for my Birthday...but I think it will be FUN!! : )

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