Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas and New Years...

We spent Christmas at home this year...Christmas Eve, we went to the church we were married in and spent some time with Todd's extended family. Christmas morning, we woke up and opened gifts together then I called my parents in the UK to wish them a Merry Christmas. We then went to John and Laura's for our traditional brunch. This year Laura cooked scrapple, egg and cheese sandwiches and I made a hashbrown casserole and brought some Proscecco to make mimosas! They were delicious. We then came home to veg out for a few hours before John and Laura came over for Christmas was a wonderful day shared with such special friends.

Then, on Monday, we left for 7 Springs. We have been spending the past few New Years here with friends. The weather has been wonderful while we are here. It really snowed our first night, so skiing has been good for Todd. I don't really ski...I try, I stick to the beginners area...but it's hard work when you learn at 30+ years old! Today I treated myself to a mani/pedi while Todd went to Hidden Valley to ski (it's cheaper there during the day). Tonight, we drove to Monroeville to meet my friend, Sara and her fiancee for dinner. Sara and I met through work...she is my Fisher rep and takes excellent care of me and all my lab needs at work. We hit it off over the phone and via e-mail...and we decided since we would be so close (she lives in PA) that we should meet up. We had a great time at dinner with Sara and Wade tonight, and can't wait for many more visits!! ( I am just bummed I didn't get a picture...I even brought my camera)

Tomorrow, we are going on a snow shoe tour, and then the Dixon's arrive. We will spend New Years on the slopes snow tubing...then, the Pochron's arrive on Friday for the weekend. Both families have young girls, so we hope they have a lot of fun!!

We will be back on Sunday...and I will post pictures then!

Happy 2010


Jo said...

Thanks for stopping by ~ it's nice to meet you!

It sounds like you have had a fun filled holiday season. I'm looking forward to a couple of days of relaxation before going back to school.

I must admit that I'm craving a repeat of our dinner ~ I could make a meal of the mussels and cherry stones with a loaf of bread!

Have a very happy New Year!

Melissa said...


What a beautiful blog you have created.

Happy Holidays!

~Steph~ said...

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!