Wednesday, January 6, 2010

7 Springs Trip

The group (minus Karena and the teens)

Karena, Diane and Brooke

The kids had a great time!

That hill on the golf course was perfect for sliding down, just really hard to get back up on your own!!
Thanks to Karena for the great shots

Alot of fun in the snow...back to reality on Tuesday was TOUGH for me. Work has been a bear since then...with an instrument down in the lab, I have sent people on the production floor home with no pay and just feel terrible. I spent all day on the phone with technical support...this meant a clutched cordless phone on one ear and juggling wrenches and screwdrivers with my hands trying to assist. It was I had to go in at 7am and it did little good other than not keeping me there past 5pm. I am beat tonight!
On the adoption front...we received our paperwork from the Secretary of State in MD. We ar ready to send off to the Chinese Consulate in DC and Chicago for other forms. I am chasing Houston and also my UK police clearance...UGH! (oh, since September by the way...) This is a trying process, but so worth it!!
And...we have received 2 fabric quilt squares for the 100 wishes quilt for the baby. Iwill post pictures on that soon!! : )

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