Friday, February 19, 2010

The ABCs on Friday

A is for Apples. I love the fall when you get wonderful varieties, apple cider, apple cake, apple crumble...I love it all!

B is for many of our closest friends are expecting their first babies this year and we couldn't be happier for them!!

C is for Charleston....where our heart is and where we hope to call home one day soon.

D is for Date night. Todd is travelling to Chicago for business on Sunday and will be gone until Tuesday, so we are going on a dinner date tonight.

E is for Easton...the beautiful little town we live in and call home.

F is for Friendship. My eyes have been opened recently to who my true friends are and I couldn't be happier for who is in my life.

G is for Giada De Laurentis...I heart her cook books, tv show, and cooking style

H is for Happiness, something we all should strive for.

I is for Ice-Cream...Breyer's is on sale at Giant this week and we can't wait to stock up on some of our favorite flavors.

J is for Jewelery. I bought this beautiful Chinese enspired bracelet from the Pharmacy of all places the other day. Just one more item to remind me of my beautiful daughter that is waiting for me

K is for Kisses. There's nothing like coming home after a long day to get a kiss from my wonderful husband.

L is for Love. I am absolutely head over heels in love with my husband, Todd who I have been married to for just over 5 years.

M is for Money. There just is never enough...and I am trying to be more frugal because one day I want to stay home with my baby girl.

N is for Needs...something my husband asks me to consider before purchases...wants or needs?! We know which ones win for me, right??

O is for our Old English Sheep Dog, Winston. He got an early summer do today and thinks he is hot stuff!

P is for Patience, something that I always don't have enough of.

Q is for Queen...the Queen of England will always remind me of my Grandma.

R is for Reading...something I love to do, and really enjoy the book club I started. 7-8 women get together every month, and mostly it turns to gossip...but so much fun!

S is for Sunshine...something I really, really miss after all this snow we have received this winter!

T is for Travel...something I love to share with my husband.

U is for Underwear...something that I really need to shop for!

V is for Vision...I had Lasik eye surgery 4 years ago and I can still see 20/15 every single day!!

W is for work...something that is really overrated!

X is for keeping all things Crossed (X'd) as we enter the final stages of the paperchasing process to bring home our baby girl.

Y is for 'Y China??'....because that's where our daughter is.

Z is for Zoo...I want to go to the Zoo in China and San Diego when we travel to bring our daughter home.

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