Saturday, February 6, 2010

We are officially SNOWED in!!

My sweet hubby shovelling the side walk

I think we have about 16 inches...our friends in Preston are without power. Thank goodness they have a woodstove to keep them warm. Todd went to get the kerosene heater yesterday, and we can access a generator if we absolutely have to now that the roads are plowed, a little.

The next round will produce 6-12 inches. Thankfully the wind has died down from last night and I think we are out of the blizzard warning. Oh and did I mention that we will be getting another 4-6 inches on Tuesday/Wednesday?!

That damn Groundhog! ; )

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~Steph~ said...

The picture makes it look so pretty, however from living in New Hapshire for 3 years. I feel your pain. Stay warm!!!