Tuesday, April 13, 2010

HUGE catch up

This is the wonderful chalkboard that y hubby made for the hallway downstairs that leads to the garage and half bath.

This is the finished project with chalk!

These are the curtains that I MADE!! And....without a sewing machine! My friend Sara had a link on her blog and it inspired me!! Just a little no sew hem tape...an iron...some pre-bought panesl from Wal-Mart ($13 for 2) and 2.5 yards of fabric fro Wal-Mart at $5.88/yard....it was the cheapest project ever and I am so happy with the way they turned out. They are hanging in our office and look great!

My beautiful Golden Retriever, Marley in our backyard the day after Todd cleaned things all up. Marley has her 'summer-do' here and my house is so much cleaner without the dog fur!

Thanks, Daniel for sending out such a yummy piece of cake for dessert!

April and Todd....brother and sister who share a birthday one day and five years apart!! We met at Mason's for a delicious lunch to celebrate their Birthdays.

For Todd's Birthday this year, we ended up eating dinner at Scossa and then went to see Date Night together. It was a wonderful evening. Then, on Sunday we had a brunch with 10 of our closest friends and their kids down in Cabridge at Clearview. It was a delicious all you can eat and drink champagne brunch and of course I left my camera at home!


Two Carolina Nesters said...

Everything looks great! Love the curtains! I think my mom just bought the same fabric to use on her screened porch. Good job!

Kristin said...

You are so talented! Those curtains are gorgeous. I wish I could sew. Sigh.