Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adoption Update...

We have been in the process of gathering paperwork to adopt a little girl from China for a little over a year is a LONG tedious process but I know that it will be worth it in the end when we are holding our daughter in our arms one day. However, that day seems to be further and further away every day. It's hard for me. Todd and I are the type of people that we will analyze something to the nth degree...then once we make up our mind we are READY! When we started the paperwork process we were told 3-5 years...we then went to a conference that told us they were hopeful that the wait time would shorten to 18 months we are being told 7-10 years. Really?! 7-10 years???!! That's just insane to me. And, to make matters worse our home study agency is taking their sweet little time getting this home study complete AND the international agency is being very picky about the wording they would like to see...I am trying to stay level headed and calm...but really I just want to bang both of their heads together and tell them to just get this done.

We've been working on our homestudy since September's just the 2 of us in the household...nothing fancy to us I have NOT met the dossier submission log in date with my international agency and have to go 'on hold' until I have all the paperwork gathered. Once we get the homestudy approved we can apply for the I-800A...but in addition to that I have other paperwork that has to be updated....this is a long journey, it's heartbreaking, and there are times I don't feel like I have anyone other than Todd to turn to....I long for our daughter from China. I feel this is what we are meant to do in life....we are fortunate enough to supply a warm, loving, caring home for a child in need....but why does it have to be this hard????

Good news is that today the social workers have communicated and they hope to have some resolution to the home study by the end of the week..fingers crossed!!

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Jo said...

I've heard that the waiting time has increased substantially. Our friends are going through this as well. My heart just breaks for you two. I wish I could offer you some insight or short cuts in this process. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.