Saturday, July 17, 2010

Adoption Update

Our I-800A application is officially in the mail and off to Texas!! We received our approved and notarized homestudy in the mail yesterday, and I wasted NO time getting everything put together to be sent via Fed-Ex this morning. I mean after all, the form was filled out, the check was made out, and the certificate copies were made....I was more than ready! Right now they are telling us the wait time is 35-40 days for turnaround time. I have a photographer scheduled for July 31st to take some lifestyle shots of us, and something to document our journey. We had our passport pictures taken on Friday, and I need to remember to pick them up...there are a few forms left to update, but we are very, very close to having everything we need for our dossier. I can't wait to be DTC!!!

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Carrie said...

Diane and Todd, so happy to hear that you are one step closer to getting your daughter. You are going to be great parents. Think of how sweet it will be when you finally hold her in your arms. All the stress and waiting will all be worth it for that moment and the years of happiness you will have as a family afterwards. Keeping you in my thoughts that the process goes smoothly and quickly from here!! =)