Monday, December 6, 2010

Meal Plan and weekend catch up

We had a great weekend...Todd got some winterizations done for a few houses, and I got the house decorated for Christmas. We went Saturday afternoon to cut down our own Christmas tree. I think this was a first for me, it was so much fun. $40 for any size tree, and we got a beauty! (pictures to follow...)

Yesterday, Todd went to work on his duck blind for hunting...and I stayed home in my PJs ALL day. It was great. I cooked a roast port, and we just vegged out in front of the fire in the evening. Today, I am home sick and after a trip to the Dr. , I have a sinus and ear infection She wrote a script for a Z-pak and some ear drops...should be good as new soon!

Tues-BLTs with fries
Wednesday-Book Club/pizza
Thursday-pork chops, mashed potatoes, baked beans

Then we are on our own for Friday and the weekend. I am leaving work early to meet Laura and go to the Philadelphia airport to pick Cory up from the airport, and head to King of Prussia Mall this weekend to shop, shop shop!

Happy Holidays!


Debbie said...

Hi! Have a great weekend and get those credit cards out! Looking forward to seeing pics of your Xmas tree. dx

elliotts said...

Thanks, I will be sure to post some pictures next week....I am SO bad with that!