Monday, December 5, 2011

Tatum's first day at 'school'

 Our little munchkin ready to go this morning before leaving for the Kinder Garden.
 Mommy and Tatum
Daddy and a squirmy Tatum

We both dropped Tatum off this morning at daycare. I was an obvious bundle of nerves and tears, but our beautiful little girl marched right in and sat down at the play table and made herself right at home. I hung her coat, her bag and placed her lunch in her cubby that was labelled for her already. I kissed her good-bye and tried desperately to hold back tears, but Miss Patty, Tatum's teacher hugged me and told me everything would be ok. :) was. Todd and I met for lunch, which was really nice. We both asked if either had called to check in on Tatum, and the answers were both no. I wanted to...but then I didn't want to be THAT Mom. I figured if they needed me, they would call. Tatum took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and had a change of t-shirts due to spaghetti o's getting all over her! :)

We both met to pick up Tatum after spending our days apart. I cleaned our house from top to bottom and finished tying up some loose ends before going back to work on Thursday. did the last 12 weeks go by so fast?! I will miss my days with Tatum, but know (hope) this is just short term....that's the only thing keeping me going. I have a job and I am thankful, however being Tatum's Mommy is honestly the best job I have ever had....and the reward/pay is much more priceless than dollars....if only it would pay the bills!! ; ) Tatum was helping pick up the chairs and sweep the floor when we arrived. We walked into her classroom and just watched her. I wanted to run in and swoop her up, but I was just so proud of her. She was such a big girl, and was interacting how she should. It was beautiful to see. Finally I stooped down to her level and caught her eye....she came running right over and my heart melted. I have never been so in love with someone I just met.....this little girl is going to make a difference in this world and I am lucky to be her Mommy and hold her hand the whole way.

Tomorrow is a new day...and infants and toddlers are coming to meet with me in the morning to discuss our development plan for Tatum. Some states know this as early intervention. We were concerned with some motor skills and language delay for Tatum. Part of it is being in an institution for 2 years and the other is learning English for the first time. Anyway, she qualifies for services and we will find out in the morning what those services are. Again, just more things that will help this little girl of ours grow leaps and bounds!!


Debbie said...

Thats just wonderful Diane...I'm so pleased to hear that things are going well. I have to say, watch out - you are going to find that being with other kids will bring Tatum on leaps and bounds and her vocabulary is going to explode! Are you going back to work full-time, will Tatum be at nursery all week? D

Carrie said...

Such a great day for you both! When they come running at the end of the day it is the BEST feeling ever! =) My mom used to work for Infant and Toddler and you are in Good Hands. Being in "school" will help her tremendously as well. =) Just think a few short weeks and then it's Christmas! You, Todd, and Tatum are going to have a blast!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

She is darling for her first day of 'school'! I love that Miss Tatum is such a big girl!