Sunday, December 4, 2011


 First trip the dentist and Miss Tatum handled it like such a big girl...she even let them clean her teeth and look in her mouth! Our pediatric dentist asks that parents wait in the waiting room, but let me go back since Tatum is only 2....I stood in the doorway with tears in my eyes the whole time. Super proud of my baby girl :)
 First Thanksgiving with a morning trip to the park

 First Thanksgiving...and first ride in the baby doll stroller with Aunt April

 First Turkey dinner....yummy!

 First trip to the mall with Nai-Nai. They were waiting for the train to take them both for a ride!
 First visit with Santa at the Salisbury Mall...she loved him!

 First Easton Christmas parade
 First time getting into the Christmas ornaments
First time putting the tree topper up with Daddy
 First pig tails and Christmas pjs
 First time hanging an ornament on the Christmas tree
First Christmas tree with Tatum....we will go next weekend to cut down a fresh one!!

And tomorrow is Tatum's first day at the Kinder first day without Tatum in the last 2.5 first day of tears for sure!!


Debbie said...

Great post Diane, this is such a wonderful time of the year when you have a little one! Tatum looks really settled- lovely to see. Please let us know how she does at Daycare, Gracie started going when she was 19 months, just on a Friday. I have to admit, its only recently that she appears to enjoy it. I think it was because she was there once a week and it just took her a bit longer. Love your tree BTW. Dx

Sharon said...

Those first's are always so special. Tatum is looking good-has she gained any weight? Love the picture with you and her together.