Monday, July 11, 2011

Catch up & Meal Plan

Tatum's closet is finally complete! The clothes are ALL washed and I just need to add some baskets and move a lot of the toys to the playroom and we will be all set!

My friend, Laura, got me this wall decal for Christmas and after we decided to do jungle animals in the nursery, we knew the bathroom with butterflies and birds was the best place for such a wonderful saying. Thank you Laura!

Here's a little update on life here.....

Today we received our I-800 Provisional Approval! Yahoo! We are 5 steps (count them....5 steps!!) away from Gotcha Day!

  • NVC letter in ~7-10 days
  • Cable to China ~2 days
  • Article 5 ~3-4 weeks
  • TA ~2-9 weeks
  • Travel ~3-5 weeks

I can't believe how far we have come! My friends and Todd's family are throwing me a shower on August 27th. We have a few friends from out of town coming, and I can't wait for some good girlfriend time celebrating Tatum's arrival. I really feel ready for this, despite my pages and pages of lists of things I need to do before she arrives, to prepare for her room, bathroom, food for her, while in China, when home, etc....the lists are endless, but SO worth it!

And...because I have grounded us from eating out right now....back to meal planning....

Monday-Pork chops, stuffing, green beans
Tuesday-pizza and salad
Wednesday-chicken picatta with pasta
Thursday-tuna, mashed potatoes, beans
Friday-Chicken alfredo
Saturday- Rockfish, baked potato, salad
Sunday-shrimp with pasta

Have a great week everyone!


Debbie said...

I know exactly the amount of joy you must be feeling to fill that wardrobe!! Good to hear things are right on track. Dx

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

How exciting for you and your family! You have come such a long way and I can't wait to see your family pictures.

Football and Fried Rice said...

You are tracking! Now, you need to create your PACKING list and your SHOPPING list! Lol!

Thanks for the timeline list; I had no idea about all these steps :) How long were you from LID to LSC? I need to go back and look!

I can't wait to see you get your Tatum! She is so tiny and cute!

Football and Fried Rice said...

You only waited a MONTH from LId to LsC.! Yikes! That's awesome!!!

elliotts said...

I know, we went super fast!! Hoping to get our NVC letter this week!