Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend of Movies

Last night we went out on the boat to get ice-cream in Oxford at the Scottish Highland Creamery with Daryl and Karena. This is the best homemade ice-cream, hands down! There is always something different...last night we had watermelon sorbet, cake batter, bonofie pie, and a chocolate shake. We passed at the Maple Bacon! HA HA
Daryl and Karena were able to get a sitter for the little girls and we headed to the movies to see The Proposal...LOVED it!

We were going to head out on the boat today for a picnic, but it has! UGH So...we are headed to Cambridge to see the Hangover this afternoon. Todd is opening the house we have for sale in Corbin for a realtor (tenants are away)...and we want to take down the BLANKET they use as a curtain on their back slider...they are moving out at the end of the month....I hope they take their blanket with them!

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