Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boat Show and Meal Plan

This weekend was the Baltimore Boat Show, we go every year. A few years ago, we owned a Shamrock 22, cuddy cabin and loved it. We sold it to a guy in Canada, and it was a sad day for us. We knew it was a good time to sell, but now we are trying to find something else that we want and can agree on! It was window shopping this year...but we saw a few things that caught our eye!

Then, we stopped at Cafe Sado for some wine and Sushi on our way home. It was our first time going there, and we loved it! Buy One Get one Free sushi is always a good deal to me :)

We are having a lazy Sunday, and gearing up for the week...lots going on for us this week. Thursday, some friends of Todd's from High School (Benyaro) will be staying with us because they are performing at Night Cat at 8pm. We are really looking forward to it!! I have Friday off work, so we will also look forward to a long weekend.

My meal plan for the week typically starts on Sundays...since I work, I use the weekends to get ready for the week, and Sunday's are almost always 'roasted poultry' days....

Sunday-Roast Chicken, mashed potatoes, salad
Monday-pork chops, stuffing, beans and corn
Tuesday-Trader Joe's Lobster Ravioli and homemade cream sauce
Wednesday-Book Club-on your own
Thursday-chicken pesto pasta
Friday-Scossa Dinner with work
Saturday-Beef Ragu with pasta
Have a great week everyone! I'm about to nudge a sleepy husband off the couch to work on our taxes, and take some clothes to Goodwill....; )


Debbie said...

Hi Diane...Your meals always sound yummy! Wish we lived closer and then we could come for dinner!!! LOL.........
Have great week. dx

elliotts said...

Aw, thanks! I love to cook!! Not really that adventurous right now, I guess I am in a slump! ; )