Tuesday, November 3, 2009

100 Wishes Quilt

We went to have our pictures taken a week or so ago, as we are sending them out with our letters this week or next with instructions on how to contribute to our daughter's 100 wishes quilt.
**Adoption Update:
We are meeting with our social worker and one of our references this weekend!! Then, we will have our seperate interviews the following weekend. YIKES!! Our social worker hopes to meet with us after Thanksgiving to review the report. Then we can apply for our I-800A and move more forward with the dossier submission. We have checked a good portion of the items off the list for the dossier already. But the notorizing, certification, etc... are what will be time consuming next.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

It is all so exciting!! Good luck with the homestudy....and don't sweat it.....it is very casual and easy! We were so nervous for ours and when it was over, I wondered why I got myself so worked up about making everything "perfect"

What a great picture....I love it!!


elliotts said...

Thanks, Lisa...we are SUPER nervous to say the least!!

The Whitledge Family said...

I would be gald to trade a piece of fabric with you for your quilt if interested. It sounds like I'm not that far behind you in this long road to China. Good luck and let me know!!