Sunday, November 15, 2009

Final Home Study Visit

We had our final home study visit this weekend! It was our visit for individual conversations with our social worker...and boy were were nervous! Some of our friends have been through this before and offered advice and support, but you never know what they will want to know. I am happy to report that it went great! Todd went first...he was asked to describe his childhood, his college and professional career and whether or not I will be a good Mom! He talked to our social worker for about 2 hours...I was upstairs with the dogs and going NUTS!! Then, it was my turn. I had similar questions and also had to dscribe what kind of father I think Todd will be and what challenges we will face, etc... I also had to describe my childhood and we both had to talk about our relationships with our families. We briefly discussed finances...and that was it! We will meet again on December 4th for the final report review and hope to be able to submit the application about a week after that for our I-800 and then fingerprinting.

We are SO excited!!

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