Friday, October 21, 2011

Library and Pumpkin Patch Fun

 This morning, Tatum and I met some of my friends from high school and their children for some fun at the Punpkin Patch
 Tatum loved the corn maze

 Emma, Taylor, Leland and Tatum driving the combine
 Fun in the corn table

 Earlier in the week, we had a rainy dreary day...and it was perfect for heading tot he library to join and find out when storytime is. Tatum wanted to check out all the fun arts and crafts there are to do.

On our way out, we had some fun a the lego table. Tatum loves to take things apart and put them back together.

We had a good week! We also enjoyed a photo session for what we hope will be some nice Christmas soon as we can share some shots from the photographer, we will. We also had out first bump and bruise from that session. Tatum is fine...just a little skinned nose and forehead from falling off a brick step....nothing major!

We have a busy weekend planned. Tomorrow we are going apple picking with Wendy and Leland in Preston and then we will bake our apple pies on Sunday!! :) Then, that afternoon we are heading to our first Birthday party for 2 special 3 year old twins.

Happy Fall!!

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Football and Fried Rice said...

In regards to your comment: start NOW!!! It is the best thing we ever did too :)