Monday, October 3, 2011

We are home!

 Chillin' while Mommy packed us to leave for Hong Kong
 Tatum loved the train to Hong Kong
 The Visa envelope our guide collected. We handed this over to immigration and customs when we arrived in the US.
 Lunch at the Regal Hotel in Hong Kong. Our flight was delayed for over 6 hours on the way home due to the Typhoon. The hotel we stayed at for the night was connected to the airport, so we just walked back and hung out there for a LONG time. We hoped Tatum would nap....but no way! There was too much to explore for this girl!
 The view from our gate waiting for our plane to arrive to take us HOME sweet HOME
 Welcome home message for Tatum. April and Jena stayed at the house to take care of the dogs for 2 weeks. We are so thankful for their kindness. The dogs are now at the kennel for a week while Tatum adjusts to her new home.
 Welcome home sign outside
 Aunt Laura came to visit the first day we were home....Tatum LOVES her Aunt Laura
 Mommy got Tatum this giraffe for her room, it arrived at Laura's while we were away....Nai Nai put Tatum on there to ride and have fun!
Talking and telling stories from happy to be home!!

We arrived home Saturday morning around was a very late night! Tatum did really well on the flight home and slept about 10 hours from Hong Kong until Chicago. We had a quick layover in Chicago, had our custons meeting in the office and we were on our way running to the gate to take the next plane to Dulles. When we got to Dulles around 12:45am, Nai-Nai, Pop-Pop, Aunt Jena, Uncle Travis, Aunt April, and Uncle Brent were there to welcome us all home. Lisa and Angie were there to take pictures, which I was so thankful for! It was wonderful to see everyone again....

When we got home, Daddy took a nap for a few hours as he is sick. Mommy and Tatum stayed up and we welcomed our first visitors that afternoon. Tatum finally went down to sleep around 2pm, and Todd and I were quick behind her! We all slept and Todd and I got up around midnight and Tatum at 2am. Then, we got her down for a nap around 8:30am and woke her up at 11:30am. Aunt April and Uncle Travis came over....Tom and Brenda were next with a fun pig pillow pet....Brooke and Zoe with a ladybug pillow pet...then Nai-Nai, Pop-Pop, Aunt Jena and Uncle Brent came over while Laura, Beth and the girls were over. Laura had brought us some pasta salad and coleslaw and Jena and Brent brought us some leftovers from Brent's 30th Birthday party, which we were so sorry to miss. We all grabbed a quick bite to eat and Tatum fell asleep around 8pm. We were so happy! She slept through the night and woke up at 5:30am this morning. I think we are getting these days and nights turned around!!

Today Todd is still home from work. He just ran out to check on some property projects we have going on, then we are heading up to the outlets to do some shoe shopping for Miss Tatum, and grab a few essentials that we are finding we need at Target.

Tatum is adjusting really well at home with us. We are trying to learn her demands, and yes, she has them!! Yesterday was our 7 year wedding celebration ever! Todd got me the most beautiful flowers and card, and we enjoyed spending the day at home with our little munchkin. We are IN LOVE!!

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