Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Tatum!

Life has been busy these past few days...Friday was Tatum's 2nd Birthday and our very best friends came to town for the weekend from South Carolina to help us celebrate Tatum's Birthday.

We had a small party for our closest friends and family members, and Tatum had a blast!! We asked for orphanage donations instead of gifts for Tatum since she absolutely needs nothing. We also want to start something each year where Tatum donates to her orphanage each year with toys she does not play with anymore, or something else she chooses. We may change the donation each year, but for now this is what we plan to do.

We are now getting caught back up on laundry, still unpacking and getting into a schedule as this is our 2nd week at home. This morning, Tatum and I visited Aunt April at work and then hit the grocery store, as we plan to every Monday morning while I am home. We are also working on getting some laundry done too!!

Life is good...and we are soooo happy and tired all at the same time.

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