Monday, March 26, 2012

Childrens House

Thank you for all the sweet comments, messages on Facebook, texts, etc...we are all checked into the children's house at johns Hopkins. Tatum is sound asleep after a rough evening and we are relaxing in the library that is adjacent to our room with the door ajar.

We will arrive at the Hospital which is one block up the street at 8:00am tomorrow is scheduled for 10:00am and is due to last 2.5-3 hours. Dr Reddett will do the palate repair and Dr Ishman will put the tubes in Tatums ears. This is never easy on any parent. I keep thinking this is the start if Tatum's new life, but let me tell you on the inside I am freaking out! Shes my baby...if only for 6 months, but really longer than that....I have hoped for this sweet baby girl for a long long she has been my baby for much longer(she just doesn't know it!) her Daddy and I want only the best for her, and this is the beginning of that adventure.

Tonight I was rocking Tatum after we read her 3 favorite books. She snuggled down and put her head on my chest. Just like in China at night in the hotel rooms. It was familiar to her, yet not so much to me as we snuggled in a new is beautiful here at the children's house. How lucky are we to be this close to such a wonderful facility?!

I am turning in soon. It's going to be a long morning with no food or water for our sweet baby. Stay tuned....more to follow tomorrow! Good night from the children's house!


Sharon said...

Hoping you all have a restful night. Praying and knowing things will go well tomorrow! Keep us posted!

Debbie said...

Thinking of you today, Dx