Saturday, March 31, 2012

The road to recovery

Okay...this has literally been the hardest week of my life as a parent. HARDEST. I would go back to China a million times over and endure 2 weeks of struggle, exhaustion and hunger over what I have been through this week. However, I am happy to report we are on the mend.

We arrived home Wednesday evening at 7:00pm. Tatum had a decent night sleep from 10pm until 6am. She had a decent nap on Thursday and between lots of tears, tantrums and minimal eating...we made it to bed time at 8pm. Tatum then woke up at 1am and we literally played with toys until 7:30am. I thought I would DIE. I was off work, so on duty. I went in to wake Todd at 7:30 and grabbed an hours nap. Then he was up, dressed and had his mother coming over....he had a 9 am mtg and I needed more sleep. My mother in law waiver for a few hours and I literally could have kissed the ground she walked on. She took care of sweet Tatum while I napped. I finally heard some tears around 11 and Tatum was ready for a nap. She slept for 3 hours then did bed time again at 8pm. This time we decided against the no nos on her arms. We all need sleep. We ran out and bought a video monitor so we can keep an eye on Tatum, and thankfully she has not dug in her mouth. When it starts to hurt, she points and we give her more medicine.

She slept until 9:00am and we went in at 3:30am to give her more medicine. My sweet sister in law came over to watch Tatum while I had a much needed hair appt and I came home to see tatum riding in her jeep. I was thrilled!! She had 2bowls of oatmeal and 2 go gurts. We are on the mend! She took a two hour nap and hit the sack at 8pm tonight....she had a milkshake and some noodles before bed....she's asking for drinks, etc...we've got this!!


Debbie said...

Yes!!! Thats great Diane. I think you will see an improvement every day now :)

Sharon said...

Sounds like Tatum is doing great! This week will soon be a distant memory!