Sunday, March 4, 2012

February/early March catch up

 Our sweet little Valentine

 We worked very hard on these handmade Valentines....peeling 64 crayons, breaking them up and melting them into a silicon mold (thank you pinterest!)....Tatum's friends at school loved them!

 Daddy came home with roses for Mommy and a sweet single rose for Tatum....
 We had a wonderful Valentine's Day...spaghetti for dinner at home and Tatum enjoyed it just as much as we did!
 The first Saturday of the month, the Academy of the Arts offers a free music session...Tatum loved dancing with Wawa!!
 That same afternoon, we went over to play at Wendy's (aka Wawa) house....Leland and Taylor were there and all 3 decided to jumo on the trampoline! We then enjoyed a pizza dinner together, it was alot of fun!
 This morning, we went to Golden Corral for breakfast (there is a new one in Easton again) and then rode down to Oxford to go to the park and to play on the beach. It was chilly, but we were all bundled up to enjoy the sand and the park.
 Tatum giving Daddy kisses.....
 Mommy's turn
 Such a beautiful place we are lucky to call home....I just wish Tatum was a little more cooperative for picture taking. She was more interested in digging holes in the sand!
 We got home and Tatum HAD to potty. Potty training is going well. She has gone potty 3 times at home and 3 times at school....such a big girl!! Now, we just need to work on how much toilet paper we need....
 Tonight after a bath and getting our hair blow dryed. Such a big, pretty little girl!
Tatum set the table tonight. I laid out the placemats and she carried the silverware over (not the bread knife!!). She did a pretty good job, I think!!

We are having the best time with Tatum. She has really grown leaps and bounds and her words are increasing all the time. We still hear some Chinese, especially when she says Thank You. We have introduced some sign language too. She knows please, thank you, more and eat and uses them often! Manners have been a new introduction to our routine. I just feel that it is important to teach this young. She knows how to say excuse me and does that often also. The big thing over the past few weeks is that she has learned to pronounce her 'p' sound and will proudly say pop, Pop-Pop and pocket.

Here is another list of words she can say:

Ena (aka Jena)
Wawa (aka Wendy)
Lala (aka Laura)
Marmo (aka Marley)
heep (Sheep)
pease (aka please)
Abril (aka April)
doggo (doggie)
nana (aka banana)
appie (aka apple)
ilk (aka milk)

She can point to all her body parts, was herself in the bath, put on socks and shoes, put on pants, take off diaper to go potty, throw the diaper in the genie, etc....

She has decided her evening 'chore' is to feed the dogs. She loves to take that blue cup to the garage and give them food in their bowls...and she loves to help set the table. She is growing up so fast, I can't believe it.

Our 6 month PA visit is this month and then the following week, Tatum's cleft palate is scheduled at Johns Hopkins. We will also have tubes put in at the same time. All of our paperwork is turned in and we are ready to go...just trying to stay healthy until then. :) It will be a scary time for us, but we know Tatum needs this in order to move on with her life. We are so excited for this new chapter in her life, but don't want to see her suffer either.

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