Monday, January 25, 2010

Boat Show, meal plan and waiting for some news...

This weekend, hubby and I went to the Baltimore Boat Show. A few months ago, we sold the Shamrock. They say that selling and buying a boat are two of the happiest days of your life...well, I'm here to say that selling the boat was a sad, sad day...I mean come on, we don't have a replacement and it's sad to think that we will be without a boat for the summer. Now, we are doing some wonderful things with that money, like putting some towards the adoption of our baby that helps turn that into a happy day, I think! ; )

This week we will be eating...

Monday: Hamburger Helper (cheeseburger macaroni)
Tuesday: stuffed chicken breasts (mozz, tomato and basil) with rice
Wednesday: Book Club---no where near prepared to discuss this one--on your own
Thursday: Spaghetti with meat sauce
Friday: BLTs with tater tots
Saturday: Monster Trucks in Salisbury...on the road food
Sunday: Roast pork, mashed potatoes, broccoli

What an easy week....I am home sick today with a sore throat and nothing sounds better than easy. : ) Plus so far, I have only spent $11.26 at the grocery store!! YAHOO!!

On a more serious note....I have been following this blog and today is their GOTCHA day! I can't help but break down in tears when I read their posts...I can't wait until we get to experience our own Gotcha Day with our little girl.

And, please send some good thoughts to my Best Friend. She lives out of state with her hubby and they have been trying for years to get pregnant and have a baby. We just text and she's had bood drawn today to find out the results...this is their 2nd IVF attempt, and we are keeping it all crossed for a POSITIVE result!! We won't know anything until this afternoon.....

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The Whitledge Family said...

Thanks so much for the sweet coments. I am just not sure what comes next, but trusting that we are doing all we can for now. I am sure that you will miss that boat this summer, but that baby girl will be well worth it. You sure are organized. I can't even think about what I'm cooking tomorrow much less the whole week!! We will hang in there together and eventually bring our precious daughters home....I have faith. Glad to have gotten to know you!! What a relief to know that I'm not alone in this long road to China.