Monday, September 26, 2011

Chen Family Temple and Pearl Shopping

Today we toured the Chen Family Temple with our guide and travel group. It was a hot, humid it was tiring walking around the temple with Tatum. Thankfully she enjoyed some Daddy time which is a welcomed break for my hips!!

 We had Tatum's chop/stamp made by this man. He carved her Engligh and Chinese name on the stamp

 Daddy and Tatum taking a break from touring and shopping
 Mommy and Tatum getting ready to leave the Temple
 A view inside the market we bought some pearls. It was amazing-all these stores were jewelry as far as the eye could see.
 Inside the store we bought Tatum's pearls
 The sweetest lady helping me choose the strands I wanted for myself, Tatum and our beautiful God-daughter, Lucy. I can't tell you how inexpensive these are here, and so beautiful.
Then, you choose the clasp you want and they string the pearls for you as you wait...what a neat thing to see.

We also walked across the street to another market and bought some squeaky shoes. Tatum wasn't too sure of them at first...but I think the more she wears them the more she will like them. It's so funny to hear them walk with these shoes on!

We got back to the hotel and we played for a little before heading to dinner with David, Tia and their family. We ate at the hotel restaurant and then were all in bed very early...Tatum had a long day with a very short nap. This baby needs her sleep!!

Today we are scheduled to go to the zoo here in GZ, but I think we will see what time Tatum wakes up. It is going to be hot and humid again today, and as much as I want to see a real Panda in China....a happy baby is my priority! I really want to go back to the Island for some more shopping and we need to buy a new suitcase to bring home all the goodies!! :) This adventure has been life changing, but I am also very ready to go home and get into our daily routine. I feel like there is so much to still see in China and I am worried we will miss something, so that is hard too. I hope one day we will return....who knows, maybe we will adopt again?!

Tomorrow is our American Consulate Appointment, then on Thursday we travel to Hong Kong and Friday we fly HOME!! This really is the home stretch now....I will miss our travel group so much, they are all wonderful people and such special friends. I hope we meet up in years to come.

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