Saturday, September 3, 2011

Getting Ready

First of all...please excue the poor cellphone camera that took these photos, but hope you enjoy seeing how we are getting ready for Tatum's arrival!

 View of nursery from door way

 View of Crib

 Inside crib...don't worry it all won't be in there with her!
 This girl will be WELL dressed. Keep in mind I have already packed her bag for China too! So there are clothes missing from this closet! YIKES
 Highchair with leftover balloons from my shower at work
 Tatum's TV chair
 Bathroom-we decided to keep this as grown up as possible since this is also the guest bathroom...but with a pink potty and a basket of hair bows, it does scream little girl!
 Thanks Aunt Laura!

 We will put her bookcase up today infront of the tree...(it's open) for now the books are in the basket on the floor
 We are overwhelmed with the generosity of our friends and co-workers! Tatum has SO many toys. We will work to widdle these down over the next week so she is not overwhelmed when she comes home.
Kitchen set

I think we are ready! Todd is putting up the baby gates today and putting the bookcase together. We have a few more things to pack, but otherwise....China here we come!

We have received confirmation of our international flights, our inner China travel details and all of our appointments we have for Tatum, sighseeing and our consulate appointment. This is all happening so fast and after many years of waiting, this is it!! We are so thankful for the love and support of our friends throughout this process, I can't tell you how much that has meant to us. The other day, we had so many gifts arrive, I literally just sat in the floor surrounded by them and sobbed. All good tears, but sobbed none the less. Todd hadn't warned me about some of the gifts because of who they were from and he knew I would be touched, and now I know why...he didn't want a lunatic calling him in tears! LOL

Today I am taking one of my best friends ever to lunch for her birthday. She will celebrate her birthday the day before we leave for China, and I know I just won't have myself together to celebrate with her today is a day for us to spend together, to celebrate, giggle and just have fun together! Happy early Birthday....Laura!!

Tomorrow we are celebrating baby Leland's first birthday and Monday is my Father in Law's 60th Birthday. They are just getting home from a cruise, so it will be exciting to hear all abou that and catch up with the girls (my sister in laws) too!! :)

One last piece of good news....we found out we are able to travel to Tatum's orphanage while we are in China. I am so happy to receive that news!! We will go there on my Birthday to see where she spent the first 2 years of her life. I am very thankful to be blessed with this opportunity.

12 more sleeps before we fly out from Dulles to Beijing!!


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Football and Fried Rice said...

Wow! That is such sweet news about getting to visit the orphanage! You really ARE going to have the best birthday ever! Can't wait to follow along! Are you blogging! Have you downloaded a VPN?

Jo said...

How exciting to be able to share this adventure with you all! Love all that you've done for your sweet daughters arrival!