Saturday, September 24, 2011

First day in Guangzhou (Saturday) and Medical Exam

 One interesting sleeper!

 On the island...outside the visa photo store/laundry/clothes store
with our travel group
 Outside the Physical Exam office
 Inside the clinic
 Waiting our turn to be seen by the doctors and nurses. There were 3 steps to the process: ENT, physical and height and weight
 Physical-head measurement
 Pretty nurses weighing me (22lbs)
 I did not like the ENT exam Mommy!!
 A beautiful bride getting her pre-wedding photos
 This is HUGE in China. They rent dresses from the photography store and get photos before the wedding with their pretty to see!
 Happy baby playing on the bed before a LATE bedtime Saturday night
Daddy and Tatum playing together

We had a great afternoon playing in the playroom at the hotel. We did ALOT of walking back and forth between Mommy and Daddy, and lots of giggles. Then, we went to dinner and enjoyed rice, chicken, watermelon and cantaloupe. This was one of Tatum's best meals and happiest. We even tried ice-cream for the first time, but that was pretty cold.

I didn't have my camera with me for the walking or dinner...and it was totally worth it. Those are memories I will never forget...and it was nice not to lug things around. Poor Todd is really feeling like a pack mule, but Tatum wants me to hold her constantly...which we will happily abide to!

After dinner, we played in the hotel room with lotion, rolled around on the bed and giggle alot! It was fabulous.

Today we are skipping the tour to Chen's family temple. Tatum needs a break from tours and buses to just be a 2 year old....and we need a break from a fussy baby!! As soon as she goes down for a nap today, I am high tailing it to the salon for a hair cut and blow dry...Todd went yesterday and said it was fabulous! Once she is down for a nap, we have a good 2-3 hours....and I can't wait for some pretty hair. It's been a tough week with a poor hair dryer and winging it in the beauty department....I need to feel pretty again!! LOL

Tatum is still waking up right now...she is a SLOW waker upper that's for sure. We are learning that and rolling with it. Anything to do what she wants so we win her trust and have fun together as a family.

Happy Sunday from Guangzhou!! We couldn't be happier as a family of THREE!!


Dreams of Grace said...

I am crying big fat tears of joy reading this post, Diane. My heart is overjoyed for you guys. And, of course it is like getting a sneak peek into our near future. I am sooo thankful we found each other! Happy and safe travels back home!

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