Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tour day in Beijing

 Tianamen Square
 Veronica-the BEST guide ever!! I cried when we left her-so caring and sweet
 The Forbidden City
 Trash lady....I loved her!
 The Great Wall (the beginning of the walk up)-the chain of locks on the right (we didn't add one)
 Todd and Diane at the Great Wall-such a beautiful and touching experience. Lots of tears for me
Chinese Graffiti

We had a great day touring the Forbidden City, Tianamen Square and the Great Wall. We ate lunch at the Jade Factory and I bought a bangle for Tatum and a gift for Todd's parents.

Today we flew to Hangzhou and we are at the Hangzhou Hotel in Hangzhou. Change of hotel that we didn't know about, but we are ok and settling in to get ready for tomorrow morning. I can't believe we meet our baby girl in less than 24 hours.

Tomorrow is Tatum Day!!!!

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jennifer said...

So excited for you! Can't wait to see that precious baby in your arms!! Happy Tatum Day!!!