Friday, September 16, 2011

Our first night and meal....

 View of Beijing from our hotel window (9th floor room 919 at the Poly Plaza)
 Flowers for sale around the corner from the hotel
 McDonalds....Todd hasn't eaten here yet but is comforted to know it is right around the corner
 Produce section of the grocery store
 Fresh crab at the grocery store, Wu-Mart
Our first meal....chicken and rice

We bought 4 bottles of water (water in the hotel is not potable), 2 sprites, 2 cans of coke and it was ~$2 I can't believe it.

We slept OK last well as you can on these HARD Poly Plaza Hotel beds!! All the reviews are correct and other families comments....we were so thankful for clean sheets, a full tummy and a hot shower we didn't mind too much. It is 5am right now and we are up on the lap top and Todd is watching a movie on the IPad. We have to meet our group this morning at 8:30am for a full day of tours....I think it will be a long day, but we are so excited to tour this beautiful country. I am thankful for the snacks I packed us, as we enjoyed a few already this morning....our days and nights are still a little off, so pringles for a early morning snack don't seem too out of the ordinary!

More to come after today.....blogger is slow at uploading photos, so be will have to be patient!

2 more days until Tatum!! :)


Laura said...

John was very concerned about Todd finding something to eat so I bet that mcdonalds was a welcome sight! Is the greenery in the ceiling of the produce section alive? It looks cool! Beijing looks like it could be any american city, except the signs are in mandarin and everyone is asian. Enjoy your tour today and share lots of pictures! Love you all xoxoxo

Jena said...

I am glad you all are adjusting well. I am vicariously living through you guys since I probably won't ever get the chance go to China. Stay safe and enjoy your day touring. take lots of photos :)